Building Employee Loyalty

It used to be that an employee would start working for you, and as long as you didn’t fire them, and your company survived. You could count on them to spend the next 10, 20 or even 30 years with your company. Those days are long gone. The nature of work and careers has changed dramatically.

Forbes points out that the average life span for Millennials in one job is less than 3 years, with the average across all employees being 4.4 years. With people so consistently looking to move from one position to the next, how can you establish any kind of employee loyalty? As Entrepreneur tells us, it’s all about you.

Loyalty Is Earned
You can’t welcome a new employee and expect them to feel loyalty to your company on day one. Loyalty is slowly built and earned over time. If you want your employee to go to bat for you, you have to show them you would do the same for them. Earning loyalty starts at the top – Do you give second chances? Do you work with employees to help them become better at their jobs? Do you nurture a positive working environment? These are the things that help cultivate loyalty within a company.

Loyalty is a two-way relationship that means you will have to put forth an honest effort in taking care of your employees. When you take the first step in watching over your company and its workers, this will show you care about them. Make an effort to listen to them and make sure they know you are willing to hear them out. An easy way to build a relationship with employees is to acknowledge their concerns. Sometimes, this is where the best ideas come from within a company. You might be surprised to hear ways to better efficiency from those on working on the ground floor.

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