Becoming Resourceful, As An Entrepreneur

Be A Resourceful Entrepreneur to Help Your Small Business

In the beginning stages of business development and growth, money is often tight. With razor thin profits most businesses learn to survive before they learn to thrive. This is why one of the most important traits any small business owner or entrepreneur need to have is resourcefulness. It is important to remember that there is no silver bullet solution that will be the answer but you can improve your businesses chances of success through these resourceful entrepreneur tips.

First, Find What Works
Often, the best solution is one that works. Ideally, you’ll find a solution that looks great from all angles. However, it is usually a makeshift collection of parts or processes that will fix your issue. This is okay as long as it gets the job done for now while you are working to get your business off the ground. For a perfectionist or someone who has a hard time feeling in less control, this can be a huge obstacle to overcome. To ease the sting of this type of situation, resourceful entrepreneurs, must remember that in the early stages of business… first survive and then thrive!

Talk to Other Resourceful Entrepreneurs
Number 5 on Mashable’s list of resourceful business tips is to Just Ask! You may not have a blueprint for how your business is going to run, but someone else in your network might be able to help you. Ask around the network of people you know for input with questions you have. They may have gone through a similar experience you are having and they may have the answers you are looking for. Find resourceful entrepreneurs who are in a similar business or who have skills that you would like to acquire and learn everything you can from them. You will find that many professionals love to mentor and teach others what they have learned for themselves.

Don’t be Afraid to Pivot
You’ve probably heard the term ‘pivot’ before. It’s become a popular term in start-up culture in Silicon Valley. To pivot is to change what your business does and how it operates to better suit your customers or sometimes even a completely different customer base all-together! Pivoting usually means a change from the resourceful entrepreneur’s original vision for their start-up, but it can be an essential step to ensure success. Don’t let ego and a tight grip on your original vision get in the way of a profitable business opportunity. Some very successful businesses have faced the similar decision to pivot such as Twitter, PayPal, and Starbucks so if the need to pivot arises don’t panic…you are in good company.

Learn Everything You Can
One of the best things that you can do for yourself and your business is to continually grow. Learn what rules you can bend and which ones you might be able to break. The more understanding you have about your industry the better you’ll be able to figure out solutions to your problems.

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