Six Steps to Confidence

Confidence can lead to success in most aspects of life. Even if you are not the most confident person, you too can practice these six things and grow your belief in yourself and your personal efforts.

Have a Sense of Urgency
Don’t put off doing what needs to be done. If there is a problem or an emergency, don’t delay in dealing with it. Rather than letting the problem fester, grow or stagnate, figure out how to fix it right away.

Compare Progress Against Only Yourself
Rather than comparing progress against what other people have, try using yourself as a benchmark. Personal benchmarks help measure progress and can help you adjust your efforts as you move forward.

Don’t Use Excuses
Confident people take ownership of every aspect of their lives – no excuses necessary. This can be a hard one to get used to but you will find that as you examine your mistakes and own up to them, you will grow a sense of personal power through responsibility.

Avoid Gossip in All Forms
Gossip can be venomous in any type of relationship so avoid it at all costs. Someone who has a strong sense of confidence is ok with who they are and their actions. This person has no need to worry about what mistakes others are making.

Face Your Fears
Instead of turning away from things that scare you, be confident and turn towards your challenges. You have a comfort zone and the only way to make that grow is by stepping out of it when a challenge arises.

Find a Sense of Purpose
Erma Bombeck, author of If Life Is A Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?, notes there will be setbacks. There will be fall-downs and mistakes and unforeseeable circumstances. Confident people see these for what they can be… learning experiences. Don’t let problems define or deter you. Remember that the pits don’t detract from the sweetness of the cherries.

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