The Smart Circle 2016 Summer Games

After uncounted hours of training and preparation, crazy socks on their feet, pockets stuffed with paper balls, and wild hats on their heads, contestants were at peak performance for the most thrilling week of the summer. The Smart Circle Newport Beach Summer Games. Eight teams striving for glory, there could only be three winners, so competition was fierce over the five day competition.

Events included ping pong toss, group water balloon toss, trivia challenge, a puzzle challenge and a 5 part relay race featuring exploits of balance, transportation of water, and the consumption of pie. Running parallel with feats of athleticism, were fashion triumphs and tribulations in response to the daily dress up themes, including crazy sock day, Hawaiian day and twin day.

The official winners were:
Gold: Blue Team
Silver: Red Team
Bronze: Green Team

But the real winners were every single person who participated. The joy on the faces of everyone in the pictures is a reflection of how they feel about each other and the place they work. Professional friendships are built on shared experience, not just every day in the office but also in the hours around that. From volunteer initiatives, to food drives to pot luck lunches and theme days and weeks, there’s a shared camaraderie in the organization.

Everyone getting together to have fun builds teamwork and creativity. It creates an atmosphere of trust and a willingness to work together in the office. Team spirit is part of the culture from the top down at Smart Circle, from people who work behind the scenes at head office, to people in every single office in the organization, people who play together, stay together.

Summer games image