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Smart Circle welcomes over 100 New Independent Sales Companies owners

Smart Circle Welcomes Over 100 New Independent Sales Company Owners to its Office This Week!

At Smart Circle, we are thrilled to be a leading outsourced broker excelling in face-to-face marketing and sales. Our knowledgeable and experienced professional corporate team is constantly working on outstanding in-person sales campaigns brought to life by the independent sales companies that we contract with. Whether through in-store retail presentations, business-to-business canvassing, corporate events, or door-to-door canvassing, we ensure our clients and their audiences enjoy high-quality work and powerful results.

Working closely with clients and independent sales companies is integral to the success of any campaign. We maintain close connections, working and learning from one another to ensure the best possible campaigns. Smart Circle recently welcomed over 140 new independent sales companies to the Smart Circle sales network. To start on the right foot, we all gathered to get to know one another, share our expertise and experience, and learn cutting-edge ideas and insights. We also demonstrated the power of teamwork and dedication through a special charity initiative. It was a memorable way to kick things off and set the tone for our new independent sales company partnerships.

Meetings ran from Tuesday, June 27th to Wednesday, June 28th, at our Smart Circle Headquarters in Newport Beach, California. We hosted over 100 owners of independent sales companies specializing in various industries, including telecommunications, wireless services, consumer subscriptions, home improvement, and renewable energy.

During the two-day event, we heard keynote speeches from respected sales leaders, senior compliance officers, and operations team members. Professionals taught us about state-of-the-art client programs, best practices for compliance, and essential client standards.

Jigna Patel, Chief Operating Officer of Smart Circle, remarked upon the events: “The new ICD meetings are always amazing! It’s great seeing everyone interact, learn, and network. The focus, intensity, and energy are contagious! I am excited about our growth!” Undoubtedly, these compelling words echo the sentiments of everyone attending the meetings.

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At Smart Circle, we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals and accomplish overall business success. Yet, we are also passionate about giving back and doing good in the general community. Our Smart Circle members passionately carry out charitable initiatives regularly. Our two-day event was no exception, as we hosted a clothing drive during the meetings.

Our initiative worked towards supplying Working Wardrobes with new clothing and accessory donations. Working Wardrobes is a charitable organization in Orange County, California, helping individuals prepare for the workforce and land jobs. They support individuals overcoming challenges or hardships by providing professional wardrobe services, career training, and job placement services.

Our new ICD meetings were a huge success. It was an incredible opportunity for everyone to meet each other and network. We were thrilled to see everyone leave with exceptional connections and state-of-the-art ideas to take back to their companies and teams. We look forward to working with our ICDs and helping clients achieve their face-to-face marketing and in-person sales goals.

If you would like to learn more about Smart Circle, please navigate our website or contact us directly for personalized information!