Two Things You Can Do To Maintain Productivity In Your Office

You worked your butt off and you did it. Through persistence, focus and uncompromising dedication to your goals you made it to the top. When someone asks where the buck stops, all eyes point to you.

So when you come into the office everyday why aren’t you seeing the same kind of hungry perseverance that propelled you through the ranks in such a hurry? It’s not the people – you chose each one of them because were excited, eager, fueled by the prospect of opportunity, like you were back when you were just getting started.

Like you were.

Keep your foot on the gas

After driving along the road to success for a while did you start coasting? Letting autopilot take over for stretches at a time while you took your foot off the gas?

When you were new and fresh you came in early, you asked millions of questions, you were a sponge absorbing every bit of information that came your way. Learning about the business and getting ahead were sustenance for you, like food and water. Your quest for success motivated every person around you.

Never lose the striving mentality

Are you still learning everyday? Are you still asking questions? Are you still questing for success or are you satiated? Remember, YOU set the tone for your business. YOU are the one people will want to emulate. It’s YOUR success people will strive to match and surpass. If you’ve slowed down because you believe you made it to the finish line, why should you expect those around you to keep on racing?

The article: Blame Your Boss for Your Laziness, has some interesting things to say on the topic:

“Workplace communication expert Skip Weisman says pro-activity in the workplace comes down to motivation and the “inspiring purpose ”for why the organization exists. That’s something leaders in the workplace have to effectively communicate to everyone. “When we know why we’re doing what we’re doing and we’re inspired …that’s inspirational, it’s motivational, internally,” said Weisman, who works with businesses to improve workplace communication.”

If the people you’ve surrounded yourself with inspire you, that’s great! If not, maybe it’s time you make a point of inspiring them!

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