Why Citizenship Drives Employee Engagement

At Smart Circle, we strive to impact the communities in which we live and work positively. One of our core values is to demonstrate citizenship and to find opportunities to participate and make a difference. What does it mean to demonstrate good citizenship? For us, one of the more significant meanings is to be active in our community. As a company, we have many ways to engage with our community, such as volunteer work, charities, and philanthropy team events that invigorate our passion.

Make it Part of Company Culture

Philanthropic efforts are significant to us and can range from giving back to our community and volunteering our time. There are many reasons why any business should take an active interest in their community; it can boost employee morale.

Also, employee volunteering can improve workplace culture and dynamics by increasing employee engagement, not to mention it helps us bond with our colleagues.

Philanthropy has become essential to our business success, reaping benefits, and creating a significant impact on our employees and our communities. It’s good for business, and the rewards are far beyond.  

The Power of Giving Back

Our core value of citizenship is not just within the four walls of our offices; it goes beyond that; our Smart Circle employees are giving back to their communities outside of the office across many team members.

One team member spends her free time volunteering at the community food bank, with an organization that helps on the front lines of areas in crisis.

A second Smart Circle team member has been doing gardening projects for a local organization serving developmentally challenged adults.

Smart Circle’s Dollar For Doers Program

At Smart Circle, we have implemented a program we call Dollars for Doers. This program is an internal Smart Circle program that contributes a monetary donation based on the number of hours an employee has volunteered for the non-profit. Dollars for Doers is an initiative to encourage community involvement and living out the Smart Circle Citizenship core value.

This culture of giving extends beyond our Smart Circle team to family members, from sewing masks for frontline healthcare workers, to volunteering at local schools to serve healthy meals to children. We are living our mission to impact the communities in which we live positively.

“Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life.” – Bryant McGill

Our Smart Circle Care team loves to give generously of their time and efforts to support our communities. It’s important to remember we have the power to impact those around us in a positive way.

As a collective group, we can work together to achieve something for our communities and make it a practical team-building experience. We can gain a lot from having cross-departmental cooperation and working together as a team.

With every small effort, we can create an impact and encourage others to be more willing to extend a helping hand.

We are proud of what Smart Circle Cares represents, to find out more about Smart Circle and our Core values check out the Smart Circle Difference.