Why In-Store Demos Are Invaluable

In-store demos are the cornerstone of the roadshow business at Smart Circle.  An unparalleled way to connect directly with the customer, there’s nothing like in-store demos to create two-way conversations and interest about featured products. And it isn’t just Smart Circle that knows this.

From NewHope360.com: “According to a 2008 study by Columbia, Md.-based market research firm Arbitron, more than a third of customers who tried samples said they bought the product during the same shopping trip.”

More than a third! Hard to believe but it’s true. And it makes sense when you think about it. If you have a great product and you allow the customer to try it and see what’s so great about it for themselves, you’re going to find success. Having someone there to answer questions and ease any worries only adds to the value. In fact Specialty Retail suggests “Salespeople who proactively demonstrate products can increase sales by a factor of five.”

And it gets even better. More from NewHope360, “A store demo not only significantly increased an item’s sales (by 475 percent), but it also boosted sales for all products in the line by as much as 177 percent on the day of the demonstration, according to a 2009 study.”

In-store demos have a ripple effect. If you can increase interest in one product, it makes sense that interest will also build around similar products within the same line or brand. In-store demos don’t begin and end with the sale following a demonstration. Having a knowledgeable sales person there to help guide the customer through the process of trying the product is the beginning of a long relationship that customer will have with the brand and product.

In-store demos work for the same reason that we like them so much. When you can engage with your customers and build a connection, sales will happen. When you answer questions, listen to concerns and allow your customers to experience the product themselves, you create a connection that lasts.

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