3 Steps To Getting Back To Business

As individuals, each of us has faced our share of difficulties. Every once in a while, the whole world faces a crisis together. In all cases, the situation ultimately comes to pass, and the time comes to rebuild or get back to business. 

Whether we are returning from a personal issue, a professional situation, or a worldwide state of affairs, human beings can regroup, reassess, and, in time, come back stronger and better equipped. We return inspired to make the most of what we have because, in adversity, we become acutely aware of how lucky we were before things turned. How much we still have – and most importantly, how much potential is out there. We become even more adamant about making the most of what we have as soon as possible.

We have been through adversity. Now let us make the most of what we have. We cannot expect to pick up where we left off. Things have changed, and things have to change to accommodate the new landscape in which we now live. But Smart Circle and the amazing people who have chosen to join forces as part of our circle have always been ready for challenges. We are prepared to take on change and reinvent ourselves as necessary. We may not go back to our original business routine, but we can create a new business routine with the potential to be stronger than ever. The first step is picking up the pieces. 

Step 1: Assess where you stand compared to before the shutdown

The first step is figuring out where you stand compared to pre-shutdown and creating a step-by-step plan for getting back on track. It might seem a little daunting at first, but remember you already built your business once, you can certainly do it again. As you assess your needs, make sure you take into account new circumstances. What needs to change? What can stay the same? How will social distancing affect your business? What do you need to do to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone involved? Answer these questions for yourself at the outset and create a game plan.

If you had set specific goals previous to the shutdown, adjust them to take new circumstances into account. You cannot just try and play catch up. It would be best if you created new goals and strategies to achieve them.

Step 2: Determine if your business plan needs adjusting

How do you have to update your business plan to adapt to the new normal? How will you have to change the way you do things? 

  • Define your current situation – What has changed? What do you need to change? What still works? You might want to go back and make a full SWOT analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.
  • Determine your goals – You certainly will not be where you projected, you would be by this time of year. That is fine. It is time to create a new twelve-month, three-year, and five-year goals.
  • Analyze the state of your industry and customers – Our business is face to face. How do you need to adjust things to continue to make that work? After all this time of isolation, people appreciate the company of others. In a safe, comfortable environment, they may be more inclined to participate in discussions than before.
  • Reduce wasted expenses – When things are going smoothly, and money is flowing, you may not pay as close attention to the costs of running a business as you should. Now that things are a little leaner, it’s essential to bring costs down. Go through all your expenses and be vigilant. If it is not entirely necessary, cut it.
  • Transform knowledge into a business plan – Put the answers to all the questions you have just asked yourself into a complete step-by-step plan.

Step 3: Make health and safety a priority

Your staff consists of employees who work both in the office and in the field. What measures will you put in place to ensure everyone’s health and safety – the public, sales reps, and your office staff?

Follow the CDC guidelines for protecting yourself and others and the ones for reopening a workplace. Visibly demonstrate and discuss the safety precautions you are taking so your staff feels safe, both in the office and in the field. 

From reinvention comes innovation

We all know Smart Circle as a strong, innovative, highly successful organization with relationships worldwide. On the journey to that success, there were unforeseen challenges along the way. Those challenges led to innovations and reinventions that took us to better, more diverse places, and that ultimately opened up brand new avenues of opportunity. They showed us just how strong-minded and resourceful we are as individuals and as a group. 

This time of reinvention will be no different. We have a circle of fantastic, innovative entrepreneurs prepared to forge new paths through uncertain climates. 

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