About Us

In-depth and Practical Experts in the Face-to-Face Marketing and In-Person Customer Acquisition Industry

Pioneers in Face to Face Marketing and In-Person Customer Acquisition

We Build Innovative In-Person Marketing Solutions With Unmatched Results

Smart Circle offers a nationwide reach with a localized presence by connecting clients with independent sales companies throughout the country. Our expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and versatility, make us the best broker of face-to-face sales and customer acquisition services in the industry. With decades of knowledge and expertise, we design campaigns that are scalable for any product or service. We pride ourselves on enabling our clients to take an in-person marketing pilot into a full-blown in-person marketing campaign quickly and effectively.

Our Mission

Smart Circle International provides meaningful growth opportunities for our clients by designing customized marketing campaigns and providing access to a broad network of independent sales companies that provide face-to-face marketing and in-person sales services.

Our Core Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are founded by entrepreneurs and challenge ourselves to be bold and courageous, focusing on igniting entrepreneurial passion
in others.



We do the right thing and hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence.



We collaborate with respect, transparency and, honesty for everyone we work with.



We positively impact the communities in which we live and work.

We Are A Team Of Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Industry Experts

Smart Circle has in-depth and practical experience in the face-to-face marketing industry, producing lucrative and cutting-edge sales and customer acquisition campaigns for brands that are as innovative as they are effective.

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