Retail Presence

Unique Approach for Emerging and Fortune 500 Brands

Strategic Retailer Relationships

Smart Circle has built strategic relationships with the world’s leading retail companies. We offer clients trusted brand connections and product placement in the highest-trafficked consumer markets working with these major retailers. These relationships concurrently provide retailers with mutual benefits by creating new revenue streams and desirable dynamic promotions within their stores.

Retail Services We Provide

Smart Circle offers a nationwide reach with a localized presence by connecting clients with independent entrepreneurial sales companies in leading retail companies throughout the country.


Strategic Retailer Relationships

Smart Circle has built and constantly maintains strategic relationships with the world's leading retail companies.


Trusted Brand Connection

Smart Circle represents our clients as if we were representing our brand. With our expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and versatility, we are the best face-to-face marketing company in the industry.


High Traffic Consumer Markets

Smart Circle maintains impeccable relationships with leading retail companies to ensure our clients product and service will be in the best retail markets.


Rapid Deployment

With in-depth industry knowledge, we can take our client's product and services nationwide quicker than any other face-to-face marketing firm.


Product Demonstrations

We can create an in-person product demonstration campaign to help clients showcase their products to the consumers who need them the most.


Nationwide Reach

Smart Circle designs personalized face-to-face marketing campaigns executed in-person by a network of independent sales companies across the nation.

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