Smart Channels

Transforming the Way Companies Market and Sell to Their Customers


Smart Channels

Smart Circle utilizes our in-depth experience with sales strategy, expertise, consumer behavior knowledge, and in-person marketing to design customized face-to face marketing and in-person sales campaigns that amplify our client’s brand awareness and scale their business through the following smart channels.

Retail In-Store Customer Acquisition

Smart Circle's customized campaigns take brand messages to the masses by connecting our clients with independent, locally focused sales companies to provide their brand a presence inside the world’s biggest retailers.

Smart Circle has developed relationships with leading retailers putting products in the middle of the most active retail locations for tremendous brand exposure to tens of thousands of prospective buyers and creating supplemental income for the retailer. 

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Customized Sales Solutions

Smart Circle’s expertise lies in developing and customizing face-to-face marketing and in-person sales campaigns to showcase our clients’ brands to the right audiences.

We employ our sales planning expertise for each new campaign in a collaborative approach between the client, corporate executives, and a network of independent, dedicated national sales teams. These experts have combined corporate development experience, up-to-the-minute hands-on field knowledge, and branding expertise to guide the campaign’s success. The result is a fast-paced, high-conversion approach that can solve sales and marketing needs with the most personalized and effective campaign possible using one or more of our Smart Channels.

Retail In-Store Lead Generation

Our expertise in face-to-face marketing is not limited to in-person sales. Our In-store lead generation campaigns will create a buzz for any product or service.

Working with high-profile retailers, we deliver polished lead generation campaigns where countless consumers are already in the buying mentality. By helping our clients simultaneously generate leads in multiple retail locations, Smart Circle can deliver rapid brand awareness and high conversion results.

Event Promotions

Smart Circle can get clients’ brands and products in front of consumers with significant buying power with our promotional and corporate events expertise.

Our corporate marketing programs enable Smart Circle to promote clients’ brands to some of the largest corporations and their employees.  Working with multi-national corporations, our network of independent sales companies deliver professional on-site campaigns to hundreds of thousands of  potential customers where they work, providing both local and national exposure and allowing host companies to provide their employees with purchasing options.

B2B Canvassing

Leverage the power of our network for business-to-business canvassing that gets results.

By connecting clients to a nationwide network of independent, locally focused sales companies that are contracted to promote our clients’ brands, we get our clients brands in front of their target business customers. This method generates increased customer awareness through the businesses that our clients’ products or services are built for and is highly beneficial for reactivating lapsed clients.

D2D Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation

Customize and target a door-to-door sales and lead generation campaign that achieves high conversion rates with Smart Circle.

Our strategic door-to-door sales and lead generation approach starts with demographic research. Then works in tandem with our clients to develop personalized marketing messages delivered by the professional in-person sales teams from the independent sale companies in our network. 

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