5 Reasons to Take an Entry Level Sales Job

Most of us have been there. You’re either nearing the end of your academic career, or perhaps you’ve just discovered a specific career isn’t right for you, and you’re wondering what to do next. Many recent graduates come out of school unsure what to do with their degree, or they finish school sure they don’t want to work in the field of their study. If you’re looking for a place to begin, we have 5 reasons you should think of sales.

  1. Travel

As Matthew Cook points out, depending on your industry, many sales positions–even entry-level ones–offer travel. Sometimes the travel is simply around a single city, sometimes it can be across the globe. If you’re someone who wants to see more of where they live, or more of the world in general, you’ll love the fact that you don’t have to drive the exact same route to work every day.

  1. Reward for Success

When we think about being rewarded for hard work, we often think of promotions or maybe a congratulatory email from our boss. Sales jobs reward you for your hard work by earning you more money. You don’t have to wait 6 more months for the chance at a promotion, every time you add an account, get a yes and make a sale, you’ll see the rewards immediately.

  1. Looks Great on a Resume

Whether you think sales might be a position you stay in or you think you might eventually look for work elsewhere, having a sales position will look great on your resume. Not only will your prospective employer see that you have ambition, you’ll also be able to bring out real numbers to share your success.

  1. It Can Lead to Almost Anything

Starting in sales can lead to almost anything you want. Whatever you are passionate about, a background and knowledge of how to get people on board with your idea will serve you well. Writing for Fast Company, Andrew Yang notes the following:

“some of our most admired businesspeople and leaders are also world-class salespeople, including the late Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton, Mark Cuban, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and Arianna Huffington—the list goes on and on.”

As that list of names shows, there’s no limit on what you can do with a sales background.

  1. An Exciting Work Day

Many people come to sales to get away from the 9-5 grind. Sales can mean long hours, but it also offers flexibility. When you get into sales, especially with something you are passionate about, sales is an exciting adventure to spread the word and get other people excited. No two days are the same. You’ll meet new people, make contacts and if you’re doing it right, you’ll be making friends along the way.

If you’re starting out in your work life, unsure of where to go, take a look at a job in sales. Hard work will pay off and you quickly gain the skills that not only get you well on your way to starting your own business, but skills employers are looking for as well.

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