Building Your Personal Brand

Many entrepreneurs are the face of their company and as such, the burden is placed on them to manage and maintain a positive personal brand. As they go to meetings, pitch with investors, and lead their group forward, their personal brand is nearly ubiquitous with that of their companies. So as an entrepreneur, here is how to manage your personal brand for improved success.

Online And Offline, Be Professional
You only get one chance at a first impression. This is true for meeting people face-to-face as well as online. Just as you would plan to look your best for an in-person interview, you will likely want to look your best online. Any social profiles that you manage should be a proper and clean representation of who you are. Look professional in any profile pictures. Describe your professional work briefly and concisely under the personal information sections provided on most social networking sites. Expand your presence online and build a personal blog where you can control what information is being connected to you online. Those whom you interact with want to see the real you and the company you might represent. Just as if you were to meet someone face-to-face, be willing to offer your opinion to honest questions.

Have Something to Say
Whether it’s through speaking engagements, panel discussions or online blogging, speak your mind and put your thoughts and feelings out there. This can help your name be better known in your industry.

Become a professional in your field through hard work, research, and dedication and then turn around and share what you have learned with others online and in person. Just as you would add to a conversation at a professional networking event, provide professional feedback or opinion to industry specific discussions in online forums and groups. If you are a face-to-face marketer then be where other marketers are both online and offline. Take charge of your brand by making that first impression on your terms. Get to know them both online and in person through networking events. Share your insights and listen as they share theirs.

Make Friends
For your company branding, this is about whom you associate your company with. The circles you run in will help define how people see you. Who you associate and work with will have a lot to say about how others view your brand. As an entrepreneur, your personal brand will always be connected to your company’s brand. Make sure both are given the attention they deserve to show the best possible self you have to offer. Managing a brand, personal or otherwise, takes hard work and time. So get started as soon as possible and help your brand be where you would like to see it!

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