How Different Personalities in Business Drive Success

It is common for businesses with a clear brand vision only to hire employees who act or behave similarly to their target consumers. In this way, they intend to appeal directly to their market through in-house expertise, relevant product design, and accommodating customer service. Likewise, they may only hire one personality type because they believe it matches their company values and goals. Yet, these hiring mistakes could lead to a company’s demise over time. Different personalities in business drive success. Namely, by actively encouraging workplace diversity, you can foster strong cooperation and teamwork, insight and innovation, high morale, client appeal, and better decision-making.

workplace diversity

Cooperation and Teamwork

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking similar personality types will get along best, encouraging a peaceful workplace dynamic. Any team must contend with interpersonal clashes and conflicts, regardless of personality type. However, workforces with various personalities can work together much better.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Hiring different personalities in business ensures that every team has the resources to accomplish tasks to the best of their ability. They can each draw from each other and fill in the gaps as necessary. In this way, they rely on each other to accomplish projects and move forward.

Individuals with different personalities can also contribute advantages to the workplace. Quieter, reflective personality types may be more apt to notice small details and provide crucial, often overlooked, contributions. Energetic, bold personalities may find it easier to boost team morale or take profitable risks. Ultimately, the balance between different employees creates a thriving work atmosphere.

Insight and Innovation

Most businesses need to adapt and evolve to meet consumer needs and tastes. Naturally, this means they must have teams capable of analyzing market research, finding a new and exciting solution to a customer problem, and designing an innovative product. However, if companies only hire one personality type, it can be challenging to generate product ideas. They may start well, but expanding product lines or creating new products may be tricky. Alternatively, if they invest in workplace diversity, they have the power to innovate and create beyond these limits.

In some instances, businesses also need to be able to draw back and reassess existing products, designs, pricing, and marketing strategies. For example, analytical mindsets and critical personalities may be best for the job, as they can discern what elements need to be changed. On the other hand, outgoing, energetic, and creative personality types may be superior for initial product creation or product redesign. Different personalities in business are vital to staying on top of consumer needs.

High Morale

Excellent employee morale is essential for numerous reasons, yet it is closely tied to high productivity, job satisfaction, employee engagement, and company reputation. In addition, high morale means employees are happy to come to work, contribute to the company, and work together.

Unfortunately, employers can inadvertently create a hostile work environment if they hire too many of the same personality types. It can also be near impossible to encourage teamwork, prevent conflicts, or resolve tension. Imagine a workplace with a majority of competitive go-getters and the way the minority of reflective critics may perceive that dynamic. You may see frequent employee conflict, low work engagement, and higher rates of turnover in this scenario.

Furthermore, employees who feel like they contribute value to their work, as well as their company, have higher morale. Employees with the same personality types often offer matching contributions. If your entire floor is made up of competitive spirits, each individual may never feel like they accomplish anything worthwhile. Alternatively, when a company prioritizes workplace diversity, each individual has the chance to offer something unique to the team. In effect, your workers feel irreplaceable. Likewise, they can look at other team members as invaluable.

Client Appeal

Every client has different needs. They also have different personality types, affecting their preferred communication styles, relationships with companies, and perceptions of your brand. Since this is the case, employing only one personality type that fits one or two target consumer personas may not pan out well in the long run. Target personas are meant to help you create an appealing and valuable product, but they do not consider all the facets of personality types. For this reason, having a wide array of different personalities in business may be the best course of action.

When businesses employ different personality types, there is a greater chance the company will supply products that solve more customer problems or reach more customer goals. Likewise, if there are direct interactions, clients are more likely to feel seen, heard, and valued if a representative has a corresponding personality type. Overall, this can drive customer satisfaction and retention.

Better Decision-Making

Savvy business owners know numerous ways to reach the same goal. However, not all paths make the most of existing resources and data. Teams need to be able to choose the best way to accomplish tasks and complete projects; to drive business success. Workplace diversity is critical because it allows teams to consider multiple perspectives and analyses.

Additionally, companies need to be able to assess risk and foresee threats to success. Different personalities in companies can ensure that businesses stay on top of potential issues and determine appropriate solutions for various scenarios. For example, a company with a high-risk investment may prefer to have a conscientious, careful analyst make the final call.  Alternatively, if the company could profit from a venture, someone more innovative and risk-taking may make an impressive move.

Workplace Diversity Places Your Business at its Best

If you are reassessing your current team or hiring new employees, it is advantageous to consider adding different personalities to your business. You have the chance to encourage teamwork, innovation, morale, client appeal, and improved decision-making.

At Smart Circle, we are proud to nurture workplace diversity by hiring many different types of people. This hiring strategy creates a thriving work environment and ensures satisfactory results for all our clients.