Doing What It Takes

Smart Circle is a lead by example sort of business. Although some people who are already established in their careers will decide to test their potential with the business, it’s more likely to attract people who see an opportunity to create something and learn about business. In the process of building their success they discover how to expand their potential. All along the way as they learn from people ahead of them, they’re teaching the ones that come after.

The excellence habit
Obviously not everyone has the kind of commitment required to dedicate an uncountable number of hours to building a successful business. Not everyone feels comfortable asking for help or mentoring others. Not everyone has the kind of Doing What It Takes Dedication that’s so ingrained it’s become a habit.
Doing What It Takes is the habit that gets people through the difficult times. It’s the habit that turns those untold hours of learning and pushing into years of success later on.
As Aristotle says, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Turning off the negative voice
As much as you tell yourself you’re going to do your best everyday and be the example others are going to strive to emulate you will probably still have to contend with the little voice inside your head that’s telling you:
It won’t hurt to sleep in a little longer.
Why did you agree to work on Saturday anyway? Everyone deserves a weekend.
You’ve done what you planned on doing for the day, why not take a break, or better yet use those extra two hours to go out and celebrate.

And when times are tough:
What’s the point of all this trying, nothing every really changes anyway.

Somehow the little voice in our heads speaks on behalf Newton’s first law of motion: An object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will stay in uniform motion unless acted on by an outside force.
As much as that might be bad news while we’re sitting around contemplating getting started, it’s great news once we get ourselves moving. The more we push past the initial inertia the more likely we are to keep going.
Everyday that we defy the voice and don’t sleep in is a day that we’re adding to the habit of getting up and getting going. Every time we step out of our comfort zone it makes stepping out of our comfort zone easier. Every time we go beyond what we expected from ourselves, we push the boundaries for what we can expect from ourselves.

40% of what we do is habit
The Secret to Changing Habits Successfully from Lifehack, says:

“Did you know that almost 40% of the actions you take every day are habitual? Meaning, you act automatically without really making active decisions; you just do. This happens because your brain needs to form habits to free up space for other important things. Imagine if you had to learn how to drive and brush your teeth everyday.”

In the beginning doing what it takes will be something you have to think about, but after a while it will join the 40% of walking and your fork landing inside your mouth instead of on the side of your face. It will become a routine you fall into, the foundation of the person you are.

After a while the negative voice will no longer have your ear. While it does, remember with every decision you make you are creating habits that will either propel you forward or add to the inertia that’s going to hold you in place.

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