Entrepreneurial Spirit and The Evolution Of The Sales Entrepreneur

After over 3 decades of continued growth, our business has learned to do a lot of things really well. No matter which new division we open, or into what country our operations take us, our two top priorities have always been the same: Innovative sales solutions and creating entrepreneurial opportunities.  The combination of customized programs based on client needs and goals, our knowledge of the industry and consumer practices, and an independent sales network comprised of entrepreneurial minded individuals with a driving entrepreneurial spirit has proven successful time and time again.

Smart Circle Campaigns

Whether promoting a portable speaker, a professional sports team package or a great deal on telecommunications, Smart Circle is able to deliver, because we have always realized that when it comes down to it, sales are not just about the product. They are about building face-to-face relationships, and about being motivated with the entrepreneurial spirit.  Gone are the days of sales based exclusively on a quick elevator pitch, and packing up after a day of less than desirable results. Today it is about product knowledge so deep that sales reps become brand ambassadors while integrating so well into retail locations, they are providing a superior membership experience as an extension of what they do. It is about being motivated to do your best so much that your passion shines through.  Add potential customers to the mix, and conversations flow.

Out With the Sales Pitch, In With Entrepreneurial Spirit

The article Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success in 2015 by Ian Altman, explains how the role of salespeople are evolving. How consumer preference will mold how sales people sell – with pressure-based pitches evolving into a consultative discussion between salesperson and consumer. “Top companies will invest prudently in teaching [salespeople] how to identify and cultivate opportunities that are a great fit for your business – not old-school selling tactics. They’ll discover how customers make buying decisions and what you can do to add the most value to your customers.”

“I predict there is going to be a resurgence in small business formation as Americans get back to their entrepreneurial spirit. Millennials, in particular, are going to embrace owning their own business as they realize the freedom it offers and reject the more stringent corporate world [to] create their own wealth.” –Cody Gunn, president, Gunn Capital Management

And as we push further into this century, opportunities and an entrepreneurial spirit are what are going to take the face-to-face marketing and sales industries forward, and for that, we are ready.

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