Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Circle

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Circle


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What Does Smart Circle Do?

Smart Circle is a leading broker of outsourced sales. We provide successful sales and marketing solutions for our clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, nationally recognized brands, and regional and local businesses.

What Kind Of Company Is Smart Circle?

Smart Circle designs customized face-to-face marketing and in-person sales solutions. We provide growth opportunities for both our clients by providing them a nationwide reach with a localized flare and a network of independently owned and operated sales companies by giving them channels to provide in-person sales and face-to-face marketing solutions on behalf of our clients. Smart Circle is the leading broker of outsources sales and customer acquisition.

Who Is The CEO Of Smart Circle?

Michael Meryash serves as the CEO of Smart Circle International.

Who Started Smart Circle?

Smart Circle was founded in 1981 by Larry Tenebaum. The company started in Toronto, Canada with Tenebaum selling products door-to-door. The company grew organically, adding clients from the food, restaurant, and sports industries to its roster.

When Was Smart Circle founded?

Smart Circle International is a broker of outsourced sales that provides customized in-person and face-to-face marketing solutions to clients, inside retailers, Door-to-door and business-to-business. Smart Circle was founded in 1981 by Larry Tenebaum.

Who Do Sales Representatives Work For?

The Smart Circle Sales Network is comprised of independent sales companies who retain individual sales representatives. Sales representatives are retained by the independent sales company, and not employed by Smart Circle. Each sales representative working on a Smart Circle program has the opportunity to learn about face-to-face marketing and work with Smart Circle and its clients!

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