Happy Thanksgiving!

As November comes around and the year races to close off, we are always glad for the respite mid-way through the month to pause and reflect on everything Smart Circle has accomplished through the year, and the people who made those accomplishments possible.

Our Mission Statement here is:
Smart Circle strives to create meaningful opportunities for GROWTH – Growth for clients and Growth for independent sales companies within the Smart Circle sales network.

During 2014, the Smart Circle sales network has continued to grow and flourish, with our clients experiencing phenomenal success. That success is the result of the efforts and dedication of an army of motivated, driven individuals in our offices. Together the Smart Circle family has been able to seamlessly navigate challenges, look beyond the immediate issues of the day and achieve our corporate goals.

Strong work ethic, team-work and determination are essential to achieving success and your attitude, hard work and dedication are critical to our sustained success. As we close off this year and look toward the next, anticipating continued growth and even greater success, we thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving.