4 Fantastic Ways Brand Experience Builds Long-Term Growth

Growth may have been more accessible in the past. Consumers focused on practicalities. Does the product work as advertised? Is the company reliable? Today’s consumers consider much more when assessing if a company is worth their business. Does the brand know and understand who I am? Does the company make me feel good? Do I have a great experience with this brand? These concerns are deciding factors amongst your target audience. In fact, 83% of consumers say they care about how a brand treats its customers just as much as the product.

The startling percentage indicates it’s time to focus on creating the best brand experience for your customers. It will get customers in the door and contribute to your long-term success. At Smart Circle, we understand the daily positive, rippling effects of brand experience. In particular, there are four fantastic ways it can build long-term growth.

Attracts New Customers Directly

The first impression of your company and product offerings matters to consumers, especially the ones you want to turn into loyal customers. You may rely on various modes of marketing to attract your customers and provide a high-quality product. Yet, imagine you also offered something to engage your customer fully. It would have a more significant impact on your customer, and your brand value would increase considerably.

The brand experience seeks to reach and trigger positive thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Many companies accomplish this by establishing a consistent culture or a community. Think Starbucks. They are leaders in the coffee industry, but they are more than just coffee. They are known for their diverse and inclusive spaces, personalized customer service, and elevated or sophisticated atmosphere. Customers desire the way Starbucks makes them look and feel, so they do not mind purchasing products at higher price points than other coffee shops.

If your brand can successfully make your target audience feel good through an experience, you have attracted and secured a customer. Like Starbucks, they will choose your company over a hundred similar ones simply for that brand experience.

Establishes Your Brand Within the Market

Think of your most substantial relationship with friends or a significant other in your life. When you met that individual, they did not choose to form a relationship with you based on a list of your benefits. Most likely, they had a great experience with you which allowed them to develop specific thoughts and feelings about you and you as a pair or couple. Likewise, when a customer approaches a new company, their brand experience will determine if they become a repeat customer or try a different brand.

There are two ways brand experience attracts and secures customers. First, brand experience provides insights into your company. It tells the customer your guiding principles and how you will behave in the future. If these values align with the customer’s values, they will stand behind your company because they know you stand behind them.

Second, since this is the case, customers also see your identity as synonymous with theirs. In other words, they see themselves as a part of your brand. This connection is unmatched in terms of maintaining customer loyalty. Their continuous experiences with your company only further bolster this perception.

Brand recognition and awareness within your market will grow when you connect with your target audience Your customers will immediately recall your company when a need for a specific product arises. In some cases, your familiar logo will even trigger a desire for certain types of products.

Introduces Customers to a New Standard of Service

Consumers never enjoy regressing in terms of quality products and service. When they have an excellent brand experience with one company, it sets a new standard. They are unlikely to enjoy brands, at least within the industry, that do not meet that level of care. If your company focuses on delivering an exceptional brand experience to your target audience, they will not venture to your competition.

Fortunately, exceptional brand experiences are in their early development stage as many companies have not yet caught on to the importance. In most industries, your company can quickly become a leader in brand experiences.

However, fear not if this is not the case. Your brand experience will need to be different from the standards set by others… Smart Circle’s face-to-face marketing campaigns provide an exciting, interactive snippet of what customers can expect from your brand. It shows your target audience exactly how you stand out from your competition and care for your customers.

Earns Credibility on the Market

Any business owner craves consistent, long-term growth. Fortunately, cultivating positive brand experiences means a loyal customer base and a steady influx of new customers. Over time, your repeat customer learns they can come to your company for consistency. They do not only receive a stellar product; they can rely on you to make them feel happy, excited, beautiful, or powerful. Whenever they need to feel that way, you are there for them. You can see this trust personified in successful brands like Coke. They are not a simple soda brand; they sell happiness and carefree fun to their consumers.

Coke establishes something incredible with its reliable brand experience: credibility. Everyone recognizes their logo, their colors, and their products. They know they are a trustworthy brand if they ever need a refreshing, fizzy pop. While Coke is a giant corporation with an astronomical reach, smaller companies can increase and improve their reach and recognition through brand experience.

Scales Your Company Steadily

If you are ready for steady growth, brand experience is one of the best ways to make your customers appreciate your value. Our Smart Circle team can show your target audience those incredible aspects of your brand. Our marketing experts and sales professionals will develop an excellent brand experience marketing strategy. It will give customers a clear snapshot of how it is to be a part of your culture or community.  Learn more about how we accomplish this through our customized face-to-face marketing campaigns!