Maintaining Your Attitude

The better we feel about ourselves the happier and more effective we are, especially when you maintain your attitude. When you are confident issues don’t bother you as much. You live on a more even keel. Terrible things don’t reduce your mentality as low because you know you will bounce back and amazing things don’t increase your mentality as high because you are already expecting success.

Get off the roller coaster

The key is maintaining your confidence regardless of what else is going on around you. For example, when you are told something rude or hurtful it can ruin your whole day. When you are told something positive or encouraging, it can make your day. Except for the negative or positive words, the day was exactly the same, the only difference is how you mentality felt after each day. By learning to rely on your own self-confidence, and maintaining your attitude, you are getting off the roller coaster ride of other people’s opinions, you will take charge of your own positive mentality.

Hold onto the positive and maintain your attitude

Did you know your mind can only hold one thought at a time? So you can choose to either hold onto a positive thought or a negative thought. By consciously choosing to find the positive, regardless of the situation, and maintaining your positive attitude, you are also blocking the negative from taking root. If there is no positive spin to the situation, it’s still possible to redirect away from the negative by turning your attention back to your goals, the strides you’ve already made towards them and what else you can do to achieve them. By always striving to only allow positive self-messages in, you are building the strength and surety of your confidence.

As an experiment for one week, interpret everything that happens to you in a positive way. Put a positive spin on it. Maintain your positive attitude. See how you feel at the end of the experiment. Were your days happier? More productive? More inspired?

Template for success

Use past successes as a template for future success. For example, before you give a presentation, remember a past presentation where you preformed at your peak. Visualize yourself doing it again. Expect the same enthusiastic response from your audience. Before a sales pitch, run through previous positive pitches. Relive your successes and expect that success into new situations.

Imagine how you’d feel if you’ve already achieved your goal. How do you feel in the mornings knowing you’ve accomplished what you set out to accomplish? How do people treat you? How do you treat yourself?

Imagine your goals already a reality and maintain your attitude

Now start living everyday as if your goal is a reality. Feel it in your body, in your mind, in your attitude. Because you feel like you’ve already achieved your goal, your self-confidence automatically increases. You keep your calm when things do not go as planned because the person in your mind’s eye is already living success. As far as your confidence is concerned you’re already achieved your goal.

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