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How Outsourced Sales Brokers Fix the 5 Common Marketing Problems?

Whether you wish to maintain your current business levels or scale your company, effective marketing is your key to success. Unfortunately, many marketing problems may affect your company from achieving its intended results. These issues can negatively affect awareness, perception, relevance, brand relationships, and demand for products and services. For this reason, it is essential to understand common problems in marketing and how you can solve them. Follow below to learn how outsourced sales brokers can fix five marketing pitfalls.

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No Long term Strategy

Many companies with marketing problems do not have a strategy or a plan to lead them toward their sales goals. They know where they want to go, but do not know how to get there. As a result, they often implement short-term marketing projects that lack a cohesive message and do not follow a coherent path. Since this is the case, their results are minimal or misaligned.

Fortunately, an outsourced sales broker can step in and develop an in-person marketing campaign that centers around your goals. They take your main objectives as a company, target audience, and product information and create face-to-face marketing campaigns that showcase your brand and message. Strategically presented and launched, these campaigns reach your target audience on appropriate channels. They also give your customers an excellent idea of who you are, what the product or services can do for them, and why they should invest in your company. Ultimately, outsourced sales brokers deliver a comprehensive strategy that achieves desired outcomes.

Poor Lead Generation

Often, companies with marketing problems have untapped potential, lying in unpursued leads. Their marketing teams may not know how to convince potential customers and turn them into paying clients. Additionally, it may be challenging to tackle lead generation in specific industries and markets.


Outsourced sales brokers are qualified and experienced with lead generation campaigns. They understand that leads are not only potential sales but also an excellent method of increasing product and company buzz. It is even more profitable when face-to-face sales professionals perform in-store lead generation. They can carry out flawless in-person campaigns with customers who want to buy products and have money to spend. Since customers have the chance to discuss products, ask questions, and see product demonstrations, you have a more engaged and invested customer. In addition, they have a well-poised lead when the conversation does not result in an immediate sale. In turn, your business sees a higher conversion rate and increased sales.

Lack of Reach

A significant amount of problems in marketing stem from lack of reach. It may be that a company does not have a clear idea of its target audience or may not have the resources t to reach those potential customers physically. Since this is the case, they may be restricted in their marketing potential.


Robust networks and alliances are where outsourced brokers genuinely shine. When you work with an outsourced sales broker, they perform thorough research into your audience. They can determine exactly who your buyer personas are, what problems or challenges they may have, and how to best appeal to them. Likewise, you will not be limited to a generalized marketing campaign on standard media channels. Instead, with face-to-face marketing opportunities, you have the power to uniquely target and tailor campaigns to meet target customer needs and expectations.


With an outsourced sales broker, you can also access exceptional marketing opportunities. For example, an in-person sales professional will present a targeted campaign to popular retail stores and powerful corporate offices. In this way, you have the opportunity to gain different types of clients in various environments.

Lack of Engagement

Companies with marketing problems tend to lack genuine engagement with their customers. While they may not have the resources to research their target audience deeply, they do not reach out to their customers. In return, customers do not feel connected with the brand or company. They could just as easily purchase a similar product with a different company since they receive no additional value.


Face-to-face marketing offers a solution to this common marketing problem. Brokers have the opportunity to deep dive into buyer persona descriptions, knowing precisely whom their pitch is catering to; in turn, they can develop strategic techniques to pull those customers into your company. During their in-person discussions, they direct the discussion in a way that actively engages them. They can ask about their goals, perceptions, challenges, and problems. When answering these questions, sales professionals gain further insights into who your customers are as consumers. With this valuable information, they can further tailor their campaign. This type of engagement leads to greater brand awareness and the beginning of a strong brand relationship. The outcome? More first-time customers and more customers who are bound to stick around.

Insufficient Marketing Skills and Techniques

It can be difficult for companies to hire adequate talent. Problems in marketing may result from a team with unequal expertise and experience or from a lack of marketing experience overall  Without an accomplished marketing staff who has the personality, skills, and techniques to handle your marketing needs, you may see ineffective campaigns or strategies.

In these situations, it may be better to hire an outsourced sales and marketing broker.  Their outsourced network of teams consists of top-tier talent possessing knowledge and training in marketing research and strategies. As a result, they can develop an effective campaign and successfully deliver it to your target audience.

When you trust that your marketing team will find the best way to gain the desired results, you can spend your time in other essential company sectors.

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