Preparing for Face-To-Face Sales

Face-to-face sales is something that some people are comfortable with while others just can’t seem to come to grips with. With a little help and practice, anyone can learn the art of face-to-face sales for any situation.

Every marketer can earn from the Boy Scouts of America and BE PREPARED to help a potential customer with whatever they might need. This could be anything from answer detailed questions about your product, to whether or not the store has a restroom. If you are helpful as you perform sales in a location, people will be much more likely to talk with you, opening an opportunity for you to show them why they need your product. Here are some things you will want to know before you start selling face-to-face in any location:

Know FAQs and Their Answers
When you first get a product or service to sell, study it and write down the first questions that come to your mind. These can be simple things like how much does it cost or what colors does it come in. If there is a frequently asked question page on the product’s website, be sure to study those as well. Have the answers memorized ready to be recited on the spot. Practice in the mirror. You may feel silly doing this alone, but you will be happy you put in the work when you can answer a customer’s questions through muscle memory.

Memorize a Well Put Together Elevator Pitch
An elevator pitch, for those of you who are not aware, is a quick description of an idea that is concise and informative which could be told to anyone while traveling between floors on an elevator. Face-to-face sales offers very little time to speak with the potential customer. You have only a few seconds to make a powerful first impression. A prepared pitch will increase your chances of getting your idea across to the potential customer. Have a few different introductions memorized and ready to use. If your pitch does not seem to be working, feel free to mix it up and offer a different introduction. Planning ahead like this will help you see an increase in your success out in the sales field.

Have Information to Review
Sometimes people just need some time to think things over…and that is ok! If they don’t seem totally committed to what you have to offer, maybe they would like to review some more information as they shop around. Offer them a visit to the product’s website. If you are able, give them a business card with your contact information on it as well as web addresses so they can learn more about your product or service. Many shoppers like to walk around a store for a bit while looking at their cell phones which is good news if you have something to share. Whatever you do, just remember to respect their space and never be too pushy about getting something into their hands.

Help By Knowing Your Surroundings
This last tip is simply all about being helpful. If you are in face-to-face marketing chances are you are going to be working in one location throughout the day or maybe even longer. Be aware of useful things around you like the direction of the restrooms or what the current time is. Do small things like opening the door for a struggling customer pr picking up trash around you. You will start to build trust and be more approachable, which is always welcomed in face-to-face marketing.

Every situation will change depending on who you are talking with and what you are selling, so be ready for anything. By preparing with these basic steps, you will be better prepared for the types of situations and people you will meet out in public. There is no single trick that will make a sale every time but if you can start proper preparations with a the sale of a product, you can be ready to anything!

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