Quick Ways to Become A Better Boss

A team is only as good as it’s leader. That’s you. It can be a heavy burden at times, but when things are going smoothly and working well, there is no better feeling in the world. Each of us (as mangers, supervisors, bosses or even CEOs) are looking to improve our teams. To get started with this improvement process, first take a long hard look into a mirror and start with yourself.

Here’s a couple quick things you can start doing to take YOU to the next level of leadership.

Pay Attention to Your Inbox
Writing for Fast Company, Monique Tatum made an interesting observation.

“I was reading emails from my employees. They all seemed to have something in common: there was a bit of a nervous, overly deferential tone.”

She had prided herself on being approachable, but it seemed her employees were not feeling the same. Paying close attention to how your employees are speaking to you and what their word choice is in emails can give you great insight into how they’re feeling about you as a boss.

Do the Dirty Work
One of the benefits of becoming the boss is that you don’t have to do the small things. You’ve earned the right to leave entry-level work to the entry-level employees. You don’t have to get coffee for anyone. But maybe, once in a while, you should. If you haven’t done the tough, thankless work for a long time, you may forget exactly what it feels like, leaving you a bit out of touch. If you occasionally get into the trenches with your employees, they’ll appreciate it, and you will remember just why you appreciate them.

Own Your Mistakes
Always far easier than it sounds, admitting when you are wrong is something we all wish we could do more, but when the time comes, it can be incredibly difficult. Here’s something to try. Anytime someone disagrees with you, whether it’s a minor or major issue, take a moment afterwards to consider if the other person has a point. If they did, admit it! Getting into this habit will help you look at things from different perspectives and just might earn some respect from those you work with.

There are endless aspects to being a boss. It can be a tough job all by itself. If you’re interested in being a better one, you can start with these quick changes to get you on your way.

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