What Separates Those Who Want Success From Those Who Achieve It?

How often do you come across someone who says, Success? No Im not really interested. Ive always strived for mediocrity. Not often (hopefully).

It’s true some people don’t have a lot of ambition, but most people do want to be successful at what they do. They want to have a life they can be proud of, where getting out of bed in the morning is something to look forward to, rather than the beginning of a day they can’t wait for the end of.

Just about EVERYONE wants to be successful. But not everyone is. Every successful person is different, but they do share a few traits.

Make each day THE most important day

Success isn’t going to just come up to you and shake your hand. You’re going to have to chase it down. The more urgently you want that success, the more dedicated you’re going to have to be to achieving it. You’re going to have to get out there and track down the opportunity NOW – not tomorrow, or later, or next week, or when you’re feeling more inspired – but NOW. Sitting around binge watching Netflix might be fun, but catching up with success means achieving the most you can everyday. Investing in yourself emotionally, physically mentally.

Learn from those who came before


Closest to the sky, there is one stone at the top of a pyramid. What a beautiful thing it must be to be up there, the pinnacle stone. But that stone is nothing without all the other stones beneath it. Without them there would be nothing to be the top of. People who fast track to success find mentors, people they can learn from, people to guide and help them. Those mentors are the blocks of the pyramid. The learning and expertise they contribute expedite the trip to the top. There’s no point re-learning what others already know. Success comes from taking the knowledge others have worked to accumulate, and building on top of it.

Make like Velcro

Keep your ultimate goal in mind and stick to it. Ignore the no’s and the negatives and all the reasons you want to give up everyday. Don’t waste time trying to make others happy. You can’t. Focus on your vision and learn to believe in yourself. At the end of each day or each failure, ask yourself what you could have done differently. How you can improve for next time. Ask yourself the same thing after each success.

Successful people are living proof of Abe Lincoln’s words, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

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