So Grateful For The Opportunity

Whether you are in the first weeks of building your entrepreneurship, you’ve already opened up your first office or you have an organization that includes ten locations, the opportunity gives us so much to be grateful for.

The opportunity to create your own ladder

Choosing the life of an entrepreneur you are not confined to the expectations or timetable of anyone else. You don’t have to wait for someone with seniority to get out of the way, your efforts determine how far and how fast you progress. Instead of waiting for your chance to move up the ladder you create, your own ladder.

The opportunity to grow and learn.

As an entrepreneur you spend a large part of your day learning new things, especially at the beginning. If you are going to grow this new business you’re in, you have to learn everything about it. All that learning is empowering. The more you learn the more confident you become in your abilities to excel and take on even more.

Because there’s no one to pass the buck to, as an entrepreneur you have to find ways to deal with challenges. If there’s a wall in front of you, you find a way to climb over it or dig under it or if necessary break through it. You find out what you are made of. Along the way you continuously grow to become a person you are proud to be.

The opportunity for challenge and excitement everyday

Many people spend each day doing essentially the same thing. They find the predictable life comforting. Entrepreneurs thrive on the excitement of everyday. Learning new things. Figuring out how to overcome challenges. Seeing new developments in their business. Setting goals. Meeting goals. Setting new goals. It’s all part of the thrill of building. Even when things are not going as planned the entrepreneur thrives on the challenge.

Opportunity to work with people you like

As an entrepreneur you never have to put up with the person in the next cubicle who talks too much or the slacker who comes in late and leaves early every day, because you are the one who creates the team. You do the hiring. You do the training. You are the one setting the tone in the office. You get to choose how the office is run and what kind of spirit dominates.

Opportunity to pay it forward

As you are establishing your own success, other people are creating their success alongside you. The more you learn from others ahead of you, the more you are able to teach the ones who are following you. Not only are you changing your own destiny, you are helping change the destiny of the people you work with. One of the greatest things about being an entrepreneur is having the opportunity to pay the opportunity forward.

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