What Is The SEE Factors In Sales?

The SEE Factors in sales! A lot of the time whether or not you’re going to make a sale is determined within the first few seconds of meeting your prospective customer. It comes down to how you SEE them and how they SEE you.

Isolation of modern life

It’s a busy world out there. People spend all kinds of time with their faces peering out at the screens of their computers and their phones, inside the bubble of their cars or the personal bubble of public transpiration. As each of us surrounds ourselves with ever increasing layers of personal and professional technology, our day to day interactions with other people become increasingly fewer and farther between. No matter how isolating modern life is becoming, everyone still wants to be acknowledged, seen as an individual, spoken to and with, not at. Those personal interactions are a perfect opportunity for sales.

SEE Factors In Sales

The very first step to making a sale, before talk of product or benefits come into the picture, before a word is said, is making a personal connection with your prospective customer and that’s where the SEE factors come in. SEE is an acronym for:

Eye contact

see factors
What Is The SEE Factors In Sales

Eye contact and a smile. They’re the easiest things in the world to give and the quickest, surest way there is to let someone know they’re being seen. That in this busy, often anonymous world you see this other person and you’re pleased about it. When someone smiles at you, your first impulse is to smile back. We smile in acknowledgement of each other.

The smile means you’re approachable. When the other person smiles back they too become approachable.

Eye contact helps build trust and respect. Holding someone’s gaze is a wordless way of expressing you have nothing to hide. It’s like a bridge between me and you.

Within the second of the smile and eye contact both people feel the positive boost of the smiling space, however as lovely as that is, it’s not quite enough to initiate an extended conversation.

The power of face to face sales and Marketing:

That’s where enthusiasm comes in. Enthusiasm is about maintaining that smile, fully engaging with the person in front of you. Saying Hello, how are you? As if their response is the thing you’re most interested in that moment – because at that moment it is. People will want to find out what’s generating such positive feelings in you and be inclined to stay in your presence long enough to find out what go you so motivated.

Enthusiasm builds impulse. People will generally like a person who likes them. It’s part of our gregarious, group nature. If you’re showing a lot of enthusiasm in a person they will be inclined to live up those expectations and stay in your presence long enough for you to begin a dialogue.

Some people have so much more success at sales than others. That’s because instead of just looking at other people they SEE them.

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