Why Some Salespeople Are So Successful

Some people seem to be able to sell just about anything to anyone, while others with the best, most innovative product that’s come along since they built that bread slicer can’t even give it away. Why?

Selling isn’t about the product

To start with, selling isn’t really about the product, it’s about the person who’s selling it. That person is passionate about what they do. They’re confident. They have a way of immediately putting others at ease, putting the person they’re speaking to before the product. There’s nothing pushy or desperate for a sale (or even looking for a sale) about them. It’s about creating an environment where conversation comes easily and naturally. Where the person they’re speaking to takes precedence over the thing they’re selling.

Creating a bridge between people

Before any mention of sales enters into the conversation, they’re well into the process of building a relationship. Within the span of a few questions they’re able to find areas of commonality. They’ve tuned in to the person’s temperament and mirrored it. If they’re with a gregarious person they’re also gregarious. If they’re with a more introspective type they will tone down the energy. They have a knack for reading their audience and engaging them from the perspective where they’re most likely to be heard. All the while, they’re listening more than they’re speaking. And none of this is put on, they’re genuinely people persons. They know that if the person they’re speaking to feels like they’re being sold to they’re going to tune out. Everyone appreciates being seen as a person, spoken to, rather than sold to. Having created a relationship, person talking to person, the product enters the conversation

Pervading passion

Once the product does come into the picture. The salesperson isn’t selling it. They’re expressing their passion about it. That passion is in their eyes, their smile, body language, and it’s contagious. They know absolutely everything about what they’re selling. Everything they say about it is natural and spontaneous. The person they’re speaking to is asking the questions. They want to know more about this thing that’s sparked such passion.

For really great salespeople, the desire to build relationships is real. So is that passion. No one wants to be sold to. People are happy to be acknowledged and engage in conversation with someone who genuinely listens to them.

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