YOUR Best Is More Important Than Being THE Best

You hear it all the time, “Strive to be the best,” “Reach for the top,” and “Make yourself number one.” The best, the top, number one are commendable places to reach for, but in truth the vast majority of extremely talented, dedicated, unflagging people will never get there. It’s simple math; at the pinnacle of anything, there is only room for one. To get there, you have to beat everyone else. You have to be your best!

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What if, instead of striving to be the best, we all strive to be our best. To continually surpass our achievements, to make bettering ourselves and our previous accomplishments, our goal.

Striving to be the best and falling short of achieving your goal can be disheartening and de-motivating. Beating your own best is inspiring. It motivates you every day to keep pushing and quest for something even more significant.

When you compete against yourself, you understand that winning isn’t the result. It’s about giving every day the energy and enthusiasm and dedication you can muster to get yourself to your final goal.

With an achievable goal within your purview, you will push yourself beyond what’s ordinarily comfortable. You will immerse yourself in everything you need to learn. Seek out people who can help you build a team of like-minded individuals to increase your chances of success.

Cooperation vs. competition

If you are out to be number one, that puts you in competition with others. If you are pushing for a personal best, you will seek out the cooperation of others who can help you get there. Your enthusiasm for your quest and purpose are invigorating. People will be inspired to help you.

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Strength in numbers A group in collaboration can take advantage of the skills, strengths, and knowledge of everyone in the group to find better, smarter, ways to achieve the goal than one person working on their own.

New perspectives Working with people from different backgrounds and specialties provide aspects the person striving on his or her own could not have come up with working on their own.

Quicker timelines Sometimes, it may take weeks or months or years for someone working by themselves to make it into the fast track with a group effort; this timeline can speed up.

“Don’t Compare Yourself To Others.”

The long stretch

The person spearheading the quest for success leads by example. They set goals that are challenging enough to require them to stretch them beyond what’s comfortable but not so far out of reach as to be unattainable.

We are all deeply influenced by each other. Emotions and attitudes and even drive are contagious. If your enthusiasm and determination are strong enough, it will ignite a passion for possibility within those around you. They will realize that they, too, have within them the potential to build what you are building. They also will take it upon themselves to strive for their best.

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