Common Traits Shared By The Uncommonly Successful

Every successful entrepreneur is different – obviously. Each individual brings his or her ideas, imagination, passions and particular objectives to their business. The Richard Bransons of the world are very different from the Bill Gates and Ariana Huffingtons, but those people, along with all the other successful entrepreneurs, do share a few common traits. Here are some of the most interesting traits that many extremely successful people have.

Not averse to risk
People who are willing to pass on the security of a regular nine to five job to venture out on their own are risk takers, either by nature or by force of will. Risking their reputations and fortunes on their vision for the future may not be their first choice, but they do it anyway.

Unwavering conviction
Successful Entrepreneurs are completely, 100% confident in what they’re doing. If other people think they’ve gone off the rails, these unusually successful people hold the course. Confidence in the choices they have made often inspires that same confidence in others. This confidence often is a result of a commitment to an idea that they want to see through to the end. This conviction does not guarantee success, but it does often give it a fighting chance.

Inspire trust
People who are uncommonly successful inspire trust. Others trust in their ideas, their instincts, and their shared vision. They choose to join in the effort to bring the vision to life through teamwork. But that teamwork falls short if there is no trust within the team. This is why trust within an organization is so important.

Believe in the destination, not the route
Sometimes people get so caught up in their plan, they lose sight of all the other ways that plan could be reached. Successful entrepreneurs have no problem shifting the course if this makes the most sense. If something isn’t working they don’t waste time trying to make it work. Their eyes are on the final destination and they are willing to consider all possible roads to get them there.

Willing to go the distance
Starting something new can be a long, drawn out process. Success might not happen for years. There will be failures. There will be terrible days or weeks, maybe months – enough to make most people give up. This is where the difference is between common people and successful people. So next time you take a risk, continue believing in yourself. The beauty of the outrageously successful people is that they can come from anywhere and be anyone.

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