Habits For Sales Success

Your habits lead to your success or they lead to your failure. Here are some habits that will help you if you are in a sales profession. No matter what your occupation is, you should always be looking to improve at what you do. And as far as the sales industry goes, you either evolve with the times or you get left behind your peers. There is no shortage of avenues to learn sales tips between conferences, seminars, books or any number of other mediums for learning and sharing information. With that said, here are 5 sure fire sales tips to help you survive sales.

Follow Up, Every Time.
This tip comes from Tom Hopkins, writing for Inc. He says you need to be a follow up specialist. “Successful people do what they say they’ll do” writes Hopkins. If you’re not following up, that’s bad customer service and possibly a missed opportunity. Make sure you’re keeping up with clients and doing what you say you’ll do. Don’t tell a client you’ll get in touch with them, and forget to. You’ll torpedo your relationship quickly doing that.

Take Rejection Lightly
It’s going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it. You will get rejected. You’ll get people who say no, and that’s okay. You can’t let it get to you. Sometimes there are things you can learn and improve upon, and other times the sale just doesn’t make sense. Don’t get caught up in feeling bad or doubting yourself. Take what you can from each experience, apply it to the next one, and move on.

It’s Not What you Say…
It’s what the customer believes. This is The Sales Hunter’s best tip. You can be the best talker in the world, but if you don’t understand what the customer thinks—and refuse to work to change that–it’ll all be for naught. Talking at someone is very different from engaging with them and sharing with them. You’d better know the difference.

Passion is Contagious
If you don’t believe in your product or service, find another one. Like a smile, passion and excitement are contagious. It doesn’t matter how good your presentation is, or how well prepared you are, if you don’t care much about the product you’re selling, your customer is going to know. And lets say you can trick your customer into thinking you really do care about the product you are selling. In the end you will be hurting yourself as you are spending a majority of time working on something you really don’t care about which is a terrible situation to find yourself in.

Get a Joke in There
Everyone likes a good laugh. If you have to plan a joke in advance, that’s okay. Getting people to smile or even chuckle is a great way to open them up. It’ll also show them you’re a warm personality and make them feel more relaxed. Keep it clean. Keep it simple. Who knows…you might even brighten someone’s day too!

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