Face-to-face marketing helps consumer product companies

Can a product speak for itself? The creation of flashy packaging has become a science, but it is hard to catch the eye of a passer-by long enough to get them to read major sales points. Wherever your product is being sold, you are in competition with other products sitting on the shelves of a store. If you want to sell product within a store you need your product to stand out…so what can you do to get your product sold? Face-to-face marketing might be the solution you need!

Face-to-face marketing can happen anywhere but is most commonly associated with locations inside club, big box, or grocery stores. The main characteristic of face-to-face marketing is the idea that there is someone on location selling a product or service in person. This type of sales campaign can be extremely helpful to a company selling a product for a number of reasons.

For starters, it is all too easy to walk past a shelf of product. Even if the product looks great with all the right colors, information, and shiny features, it is still a lifeless product sitting on a shelf. Selling product through face-to-face marketing pairs your product with a sales-professional. No longer is your product at the mercy of weather or not someone has their nose buried in their Facebook feed. A face-to-face marketer draws attention to your product through a welcoming appearance, professional demeanor, and sales training. Face-to-face sales representatives are your product’s first chance at getting noticed out in the field.

As a customer approaches your product’s setup in a store, they may or may not be familiar with what your product is or what it has to offer. Questions they might be asking themselves about your product could be: How does it taste? How long do these usually last? Where else can I get these? How do I know this is a quality product? The sales rep is there to interact face-to-face on behalf of the product and educate the general public.

Sales representatives in the field also allow for shoppers to try a product and learn about it with a hands-on experience. These types of learning experiences allow for potential customers to see for themselves how your product might fit a need in their lives. Guided by the sales professional, a customer can start to formulate an idea of where this product will fit into their life. Learning tactilely, face-to-face marketing also allows for a sales rep to help the customer as they learn with multiple senses such as sight, touch, smell, (or most convincingly in some cases) taste! All of these moments allow for the customers to become aware of your product with lasting effect.

Through these means, face-to-face marketing can help consumer product companies better sell their product. Selling product through smart marketing is what Smart Circle is all about. With the help of face-to-face marketing, companies can get a leg up on the competition and have their product tried by potential customers. If you are involved with a consumer product company, you may want to consider the benefits of face-to-face marketing.

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