Sales Mistakes To Avoid

Selling in person is something that takes getting used to. You have to think on your feet as you alter your sales pitch from one potential customer to the next. This is something that takes many people by surprise as they enter the world of face-to-face marketing. Avoid these pitfalls when selling face-to-face and you will be well on your way to having a successful sales career.

Talking too much
You may believe it’s necessary to go on at length about the benefits and features of the product or service you’re selling. If you spend too much time talking without listening then you run the risk of creating the impression that you care more about your product than the person you’re speaking to. Get the customer to talk about themselves and their situation so you can determine the best way of directing the discussion. Keep information relevant to the person’s situation you’re speaking to.

Losing control of the conversation
The best way to take control of the conversation is by asking direct questions. By asking the right questions you get to know the person and their situation better, and be better able to direct them towards the conversation you want to have. Allow for the sales pitch to be a two way conversation directed by the questions you ask. As you shift your conversation with questions, listen for the individual to provide feedback so you can better sell a product that fits their needs.

Assuming one size fits all
There is no “one size fits all” sales pitch. Find out about the person you’re speaking to then tailor what you say to them. It will be easy to fall into a rythem of a sales pitch but if you avoid saying the same thing over and over you will likely have more success as you pitch to different types of people throughout the say. It is ok to have a certain structure that you follow in your sales pitch, but repeating the same exact lines over and over all day long will not only leave your customers feeling like they are not special, but it can also lead to a feeling of sales burnout.

Not Being Prepared
As far as you are concerned, you should be the encyclopedia on the product you are selling. You should never have to scramble for information regarding pricing, sample information, or answers to questions that may come up. Create a checklist of everything you need and ensure you have it at the start of each day. Even if you’ve talked about a product a thousand times, every time you talk about it with a new person you’re making a first impression all over again. Make it a great one!

Not asking for the sale
When you have had a meaningful conversation with a potential customer, it is time to ask for the sale. Don’t worry about coming across as pushy because let’s face it… they know it is your job to be selling this product. Keep the same friendly tone you have held throughout your conversation with them and if you have educated them enough on a product, it is time to ask if they would like to purchase.

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