FW1 Pink Promotion Results In $4.5 Million To BCRF To Date

One of the proudest moments in a person’s life is giving back to others. As a community, we have the power to stand together, unified in our fight against a specific cause. When Smart Circle received a letter from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF) thanking us for our contribution of $4,500,000, all of us here collectively stood a little taller with the pride that our efforts were able to make a difference for such a worthy cause.

When Smart Circle started distributing FW1 waterless car wash and wax products through our face to face marketing events, it was immediately evident those products were a huge hit with customers. Once people tried them they’d return over and over to local gas stations, car washes and businesses throughout the country where they knew we were running events to purchase more.

As a marketing organization that works closely with so many businesses within each community that participates on our programs, Smart Circle understands the importance of giving back. The popularity of FW1 products made it the perfect give back vehicle. In January 2013 Smart Circle teamed up with RGS Labs to create the FW1 Pink Promotion, whereby $0.50 of every can of the FW1 products distributed at participating in-person demonstrations in the U.S. is donated to BCRF.

It’s one thing to see sales numbers streaming in every week and knowing that a percentage of that is going to lifesaving breast cancer research in such areas as tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, survivorship and metastasis. It’s quite another thing to see those numbers tallied up. By December 2014 we’d donated a cumulative $4 million to BCRF. By the end of March 2015 that number has jumped to $4.5 million.

Of course our contributions to BCRF are a reflection of the contributions of everyone who chooses FW1 products. To our customers, locations that host our events and the reps who believe so thoroughly in the products and the opportunity to help, we share this thank you letter. Through our lives each of us can make a difference. Everyone can be part of the solution. We are all part of the cure.

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To learn more about Smart Circle charitable contributions, visit Smart Giving.

Smart Circle Thank you Letter_3.30.15

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