Starring Administrative Professionals

There are superstars in every office. Everyone knows who they are because everyone else is always talking about them. They’re the ones who bring in the big clients, they’re the record breakers, the big sellers.

Superstars get accolades and they deserve them. Forging new paths, setting the bar higher, and inspiring others is hard work.

But do you ever stop to think about the people that are working just as hard in the background? Administrative professionals are the glue that holds organizations together. They’re the grease that keeps the wheels turning.

They’re always there with reminders about what needs to get done then they follow up afterwards to make sure.

They’re often the first person someone sees when they enter the location and they’re the first voice you hear on the phone. The face and voice of the company, that’s no small thing.

There are over 4.1 million Administrative Professionals in the United States. An army of people who are working hard behind the scenes to ensure offices are running smoothly and efficiently. They may not always get the recognition and applause they deserve but today is Administrative Professionals Day and we here at Smart Circle want to stop everything we’re doing and say THANK YOU.

In a shout out to the army of administrative professionals in our organization, we want to be sure you know. Your hard work is appreciated, it’s noticed and we are grateful we’ve got you as part of our team.

Smart Opportunity. Smart Service.
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