Making It Through The Day

It would be great if all us could work at peak performance all the way through the day, but unfortunately most of us will hit a slump and feel tired before the workday is done. Maybe your slump is before lunch, or maybe it hits you mid-afternoon. No matter when you start to slow down during your workday there are ways to help compensate so you’re working with more equal amounts of energy throughout the day. Here are some ways to stay on top of your energy levels.

Have a boost of energy? Match it with a high energy task!
Most people are at their best mid-morning and mid-afternoon so it’s a good idea to organize your to-do list around your energy levels. But this is not always the truth. Take note of when you feel your best and try to arrange your tasks accordingly. Save the most complicated, mentally draining tasks for the times when you’re best equipped to handle them. That way, instead of letting them drag you down and making you even more tired you’ll breeze through them. This may mean that you need to rearrange your routine, which can be problematic at first, but it is usually worth the effort in the end.

Get your body moving to tap into creative energy!
You don’t have to start doing jumping jacks at your desk, (although that would be cool) but you should get up and move around at least once an hour. Go for a walk around the office. Get outside and walk around the building…just find some excuse to walk for a few minutes. It doesn’t really matter what you do, just make a point of doing something, several times a day. Any type of physical movement will boost your energy and alertness. The brain is more active and responsive after small stints of exercise so try to allow for yourself to move around in some capacity frequently.

Try quick meditation sessions to clear your mind.
We don’t mean taking a nap at work because that is a sure fire way to lead to bigger problems! Try closing your eyes as part of a quick meditation. Here are a few examples of mindfulness meditation exercises, a great way to maintain or restore your energy levels during the day. This practice allows for you to take a mental note of how you are feeling, what is weighing on your mind, and prepare for following tasks.

Be careful with your caffeine intake.
Coffee, tea, or energy rinks do give you a boost of energy. But you should be extremely mindful of your consumption so as to not create a dependence on them. Caffeinated drinks provide you with energy but it will wear off and once it does, you could end up feeling strung out, exhausted, and unfocused. If you choose to use pick-me-ups in the form of caffeine, be aware of exactly how much and how often you are depending on to get through the day.

Don’t stay up past your bedtime!
You might think you’re functioning just fine on only a few hours sleep but studies have shown that being sleep deprived has the same impact on your brain as a couple of glasses of wine. The article 10 Things to Hate about Sleep Loss from WebMD is convincing enough to get anyone to start heading to bed on time. The best way to power through the day is to get more rest through the night! Of course, this just like the other tips, will mean that you need to be more aware of how you are spending your time during the day and you might need to plan more effectively. So above all, be mindful and aware of how you are feeling and plan according ly.

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