Mother’s Day 2016

On May 8th, we celebrate the Mother figures in our lives. We celebrate the people who helped make us become who we are. We remember the ones who gave us a loving embrace when we needed comfort. We thank the ones who taught us character when we could not learn it on our own. We cherish the ones who saw our potential and nurtured us to be our very best.

Mother daughter- Smart Circle image

Sometimes we make them proud. Sometimes we let them down. Sometimes we leave them worried. And sometimes we leave them angry. The only constant in motherhood seems to be that the mother figures in our lives always did what was best for us. It is because they care enough to let us make the mistake and grow stronger from it. In the end, we are the ones who come back to the embrace of their love.

Mothers 2

They are wise. They are kind. They are thoughtful. They are examples. They are everything. A mother is not simply the one who brought you into this world, but the one who helped you find your way through it.

Mothers 1

To all the mothers, motherly figures, and future mothers reading this, we thank you for making the world a better place! We love you Mom!

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