Happy Holidays!

Like most businesses, we work so hard throughout the year.  For Smart Circle, this means building our campaigns and programs, building brands with our retail partners, building relationships with our clients, and then December comes along and all that hard work comes to a head during the busiest time of the year.

This holiday season, as you are out and about trying to get everything done, take a few minutes to step back and consider two things.

First, take a look at the in-person product demonstrations at the mall, inside your wholesale clubs and even grocery stores. Take a minute to really experience a demonstration. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. How does it feel to have every detail about the product presented to you? To have all your questions answered, right then and there? Put yourself in the client’s shoes. How does it feel to know your product is getting the unparalleled benefit of being physically presented to interested consumers, one on one? Those are some of the benefits and powers of face-to-face marketing.  Smart Circle is proud to stand as a leader in this powerful sales industry that supports our economy, creates sales, opportunities and recognition for hundreds of thousands of people.

Second, as December winds down and things finally starts to quiet, reflect on the accomplishments of the year. Take time to think about how your year went. Where you came from, what you achieved, what you didn’t achieve, what you plan for the upcoming year.

We have been inspired by so many examples of selfless giving, personal success and happiness – one of our ICDs in Texas that purchased a Thanksgiving turkey for each of its employees; Lindsey Garrison, part of the roadshow team, who gives back to the community by consistently donating her time to Baja Pet Rescue; Rigo Salinas who is going to complete his Business Administration and Accounting degree this year, following which he’ll move from our product development team to our accounting department.

The list goes on and on. Whether your accomplishments were professional, personal, philanthropic or if you ran into a storm and managed to weather it with grace, take time to reflect on your year, smile and take pride in what you did well.

Happy holidays.