The Many Benefits of In-Store Demos

Educating the masses about a product is often the key to selling success. With so many different ways to market a product like TV ads, billboards, or radio commercials, getting a message across to your preferred target audience can get expensive. A cost effective and targeted method of selling a product is direct marketing with in-store demos. Demos in the form of face-to-face marketing will help ease the minds of the consumers and allows for companies to spend their advertising dollars on a proven tactic that gets the product in the customers hands.

In-Store Demos Build Relationships Through Hands-on Experiences

An in-store demo allows you to directly reach out to your target audience with a one-on-one personal experience. In-store demos allow for the potential consumer to interact with a professional sales person who knows your product. Sharing with customers the benefits offered by what you have to sell, product representatives can build a relationship between the shopper and the product. Without in-store demos you are relying on only the packaging to sell itself. With in-store demos you are providing an opportunity for the customers to learn and experience your vintage - Smart Circle image

Our senses play a major roll in our purchasing habits more than we might think; it is in our nature to want to taste, touch and even smell things, before trusting something and becoming fully investing. Basic to human nature, people want to test and learn things hands on In-store demos allow consumers to try and test products before making a commitment with a purchase. In-store demos provide an opportunity for potential buyers to test the product themselves, expelling concerns, such as a lack of understanding on how a product works.

Being able to learn about the product through tasting, touching, smelling, or hearing creates a lasting experience and even builds trust. Not to mention the fact that getting a product in front of a customer for even a few extra seconds greatly increases the chances of a purchase occurring. Why do yo think advertisers will pay to have an image on a billboard even though you will only see what it has to say for a few seconds? Being on a consumers mind is the best place for a product to be…apart from in their hands! test drive vintage - Smart Circle image

This idea of a hands-on in-person experience is common when it comes to large purchases like buying a car or shopping for a home. Seeing, testing, and feeling the “purchase” can help answer questions and give the shopper a better understanding of what is really being offered. An in-store demo allows someone to come face-to-face with the doubts and concerns about the product on display. Trying a product first hand and learning about it from questions and first-hand testing often dispel doubt about a product.

In the article, The Purpose & Benefits of a Product Demonstration it is discussed how addressing the concerns of consumers right away, is often more beneficial than damaging. An in-store demo provides first-hand proof that these products are capable of doing what is claimed, and they can actually fix certain problems consumers may be facing. Facing doubts or concerns about a product and overcoming them with the demos will not only add to the credibility of the demonstrator, but the product as well.

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