What is the importance of face-to-face marketing for future businesses?

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The Importance Of Face-to-Face Marketing For Future Businesses!

In the age of digital technology, business owners are so busy diving into digital marketing platforms that they forget one of the most effective marketing strategies, which is face-to-face marketing. But the value of face-to-face marketing has grown in popularity, as a way to connect with your consumers and build brand relationships.   

The main importance of face-to-face marketing is the direct communication between companies and their clients. Consumers can get past the artificiality of ads, automated emails, and irrelevant reviews but will realize the authenticity that is created by talking face-to-face… Face-to-face marketing results in better customer service and more sales for the company.

If you are a budding businessman or a seasoned marketing professional, you need to see what you are missing out on, when you don’t take face-to-face marketing approaches. To explain further, let us dive deeper and define what face-to-face marketing means.

Face To Face Marketing Vs. Current Digital Marketing Trends

Importance Of Face-to-Face Marketing


Face-to-face marketing is by no means at war with digital marketing. However, the marketing departments have been so busy with digital marketing that they have failed to pay proper attention to face-to-face marketing.

This is making the overall process of marketing increasingly devoid of life. Plus, customers are slowly but surely losing trust in marketing departments.
Companies and their customers are experiencing a loss of connection with each other. Let’s see how it came to this.


Robotic Chats Don’t Engage People Anymore:

Chatbots have found some initial success as marketing tools. However, the reason for that was the short-lived hype and excitement they created. Plus, many people didn’t know they were talking to robots. Although, whenever anyone chatted with a robot, they knew something didn’t feel right.

Well, everyone got over it pretty quickly. Detecting chatbots has become pretty easy. People have started to understand that these robots only provide memorized answers to memorized questions. They have no real concern for the customer’s well-being. As a result, robotic chats are not engaging customers anymore. Most people would not waste time replying to robots. Therefore many companies are going back to employing human customer managers.


Fewer People Read Automated Emails:

A company sending you emails regularly seems great. But that’s only true when it is written by a human. Something written by a computer program may serve the purpose of conveying messages, but will not build an emotional connection with the recipient. And, this is where automated emails fail.

The main purpose of sending out regular emails to a client list was to build human connections. But automating this process resulted in the opposite effects. It seems that maintaining an emotional relationship was too much trouble for these businesses. So, they got robots to do it. Thus, companies and customers grew further apart.


Online Ads Are A Menace:  

There is no argument that online ads are a wonder of modern marketing and advertising. However, most internet users watch an online ad, probably because they have no other choice. You cannot help but watch the five seconds before a YouTube video, the mandatory seconds between a Facebook video and menacing pop-ups all over the internet.

In response, people are installing ad-blockers on their browsers. Many users are opting for ad-free subscriptions. In other words, they are spending extra money just so that they don’t have to see online ads. All these add up to the steady decline of online advertising as an effective marketing tool.


The Common Strategies Of Face-To-Face Marketing:

Strategies Of Face-To-Face Marketing

The value of face-to-face marketing lies largely in the different strategies it takes to reach customers. The nature of these methods is such that they create a long-lasting and effective connection with the customers. For example, conventions, meetings, visits, and various other marketing events.


Events or Conventions:

Events such as sporting, entertainment or festivals is one of the most effective face-to-face marketing strategies. These events give like-minded people a
reason to come together and have a fun time. Meanwhile, companies can make a lasting impression on the visitors’ minds as a side effect.

For example, think about Comic-Con. The fans of the comic companies look forward to these events all year. And these conventions are one of the main reasons the comic industry has kept on surviving over the years. Almost all popular brands use these kinds of client connections to keep their customer

relationships alive and to rejuvenate them. Companies can hire Smart Circle to create personalized face-to-face marketing campaigns that will capture their target audiences as these events.  Smart Circle International works with a network of independent sales companies that will then take that
personalized face-to-face marketing campaign and engage event goers about the product or service.


Store Visit:

Visiting retail stores where a company sells its products is another smart technique for face-to-face marketing. If organized the right way, these visits can create quite a stir among the local consumers. Moreover, the excitement of such incidents makes people remember your company more. 

Bringing clients product inside of big box retailers, is one of Smart Circle most active channels. Smart Circle International utilizes retail relationships that have been built over decades to put our client’s product or service inside of high traffic retail areas nationwide. The idea is to bring product and service to places where consumers are already in a buying mindset and provide them with real time information on these products and services.


Product Launch And Sampling Events: 

Product launching and product sampling events are great ways to introduce your company’s newest innovation to people. Big companies like Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, and others are doing it. There are many people out there who would have never known the names of these companies if it weren’t for these flashy launch events.

Sampling is popular with food product manufacturers. They can get the consumer’s raw and honest opinion about their company’s latest creation from it. Thus, they can safely make their plans for that product.

 How Face-To-Face Marketing Lets You Sell More Products?

Face-To-Face Marketing Lets You Sell More Products

Face-to-face marketing lets you sell more products by building real and meaningful connections with your customers. This kind of marketing approach turns your company from a faceless entity to a more human and friendly presence for your customers. There are a lot of factors that play a role here.  

1- Give Your Customers Validation: 

The majority of the world’s population earns their money through honesty and hard work. Therefore, they always hesitate a little whenever they decide to spend it on something. This decision becomes even tougher when they have to make it online because you can’t even see the product. You have no other option than to trust the seller.

In this case, what the customer needs is “validation.” Someone from the seller’s side has to assure them that they are making the right decision by
spending their hard-earned money on this product. This has more to do with the customer’s emotions than logical calculations.

So, a chatbot does not help here. This kind of validation can only be provided by another human being. This is why the business has to implement face-to-face marketing here. Otherwise, they will lose a lot of customers because of their failure to properly validate the customers’ purchase decisions.


2- Long Term Survival Of Your Company: 

Face-to-face marketing creates a strong and long-lasting impression in people’s minds. Moreover, this kind of marketing helps businesses create a more concrete idea of their brand. Executives can avoid formal language and communicate their ideas in a more lively and understandable manner.

Thus, face-to-face marketing helps create a strong brand impression. Subsequently, this will result in a loyal customer base for the business. This core fan base ensures the long-term survival of any business.


3- Gain Valuable Business Insights from Real-Time Interaction:

Face-to-face marketing lets the company and client engage in a real conversation. Everyone can speak their mind on these occasions. Customers can explain to brand ambassadors what they love about their products or services. Moreover, people can express their Current problems, so the ambassadors can understand what their product needs are. This engagement can provide the company with valuable insights into their business. No survey or research can be this effective in engaing consumers.

The importance of face-to-face marketing is something all successful businessmen and marketing executives understand. The raging trend of digitalization and automation might have made us lose sight of it for a while.  Smart Circle International is here to help our clients quickly and easily get navigate in-person sales with their personalized face-to-face marketing strategy. Let Smart Circle International take your business to the next level,  contact us to start working on your company’s face-to-face marketing strategies today.

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