What Are the Differences Between Sales And Marketing?

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The differences between sales and marketing!

Every company, regardless of whether it sells a product or a service, needs both,  sales and marketing, to function properly. So many people live under the impression that these two are the same thing. In reality, sales and marketing are very different. In this article, we are going to dive deep into the things that set them apart from each other!

Any activity that contributes to the sale of a product or service is referred to as sales. A salesman is also in charge of developing a valuable relationship with the consumer that will result in increased brand value in the future. On the other hand, marketing looks at the big picture in order to develop buzz about a service or product.

Both are core business functions within any organization. And if you are a business owner then having a deep understanding of both is essential. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what are the differences between sales and marketing.

Differences Between Sales And Marketing

What Is Sales?

Sales refer to any action carried out with the purpose of increasing the sales of a product or service. This can be accomplished by informing the potential customer about how purchasing the product or service will benefit them.

You might also say that sales, in a way, is a more specific focus that revolves around the product and the demand of the customer. It all comes down to what you have to offer and how it will benefit the consumer.

Therefore, the salesman must be well-spoken with great communication and interpersonal skills. They will pursue high-potential customers, commonly known as leads. The goal is to build a meaningful relationship with the customer through conversation and convert the potential customer into an actual customer.

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what is marketing

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is a far bigger process than sales. The two main objectives of marketing are to create excitement and raise awareness. If you try to sell without promotion, it’s like winking in the dark.

Since marketing helps you create buzz and awareness, it will generate consumer interest. This interest turns into leads, that can then produce sales or customer acquisition.

Marketing will promote not only the product but also the brand itself. One of the beauties of face-to-face marketing is you can create a narrative around your brand. You pitch your product or service and try to also connect on a personal level.

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This creates trust and also builds a long-lasting relationship. You are not just trying to push a product and sell it. The idea here is to pull the prospect towards your brand and create a positive association.

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What are the differences between sales and marketing?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the differences between these two. I decided to break it into specifics so it is easier to understand.


Now, this is not as simple as it seems. For example, a car salesman will ask a buyer what kind of car they are looking for. Do they plan on off-roading? What kind of gas mileage do they want?


Then, the salesperson will consider all these and show them a model that perfectly suits the customer’s needs and wants.

The marketing approach is broader and includes other activities that help you sell. It also thinks about the overall strategies and company vision. While marketing is a more long-term endeavor, sales are what brings in the hard cash. Sales get the cash flow coming in. And this is where door-to-door sales come in.


In-person and door-to-door sales are effective because they can be adapted to the situation, just like how the salesperson in my car example did. You can also check out this article to learn more.


In face-to-face marketing you are not only selling the specific benefits of the product, you are also selling your brand. The reliability of it and what the intangible value they are buying when they shop from you.


What are the values and visions of the brand? If the customer’s values are aligned with the brand, they are more like to become loyal advocates. And that is ultimately what you are trying to achieve. Not just a single one-time transaction.


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The sales process is more one-to-one. It helps create long-lasting relationships with the customers and also helps you get future referrals. Think of it this way, if you get a solid experience from a company, where they accommodate you very effectively, you are more likely to recommend the brand to your peers.

Marketing also deals with strategies, marketing analysis, and competitor analysis on a broader scale. That is very important to the business.


The goals of the two are somewhat similar. The primary goal is to ultimately generate revenue for the company. Sales have an impact on creating actual transactions that generate revenue for the company.

The sales directly bring in revenue by selling products and services, hitting quotas, and, of course, creating valuable relationships. It focuses on informing the customers of your individual products or services and their needs so that they become interested to purchase the product.


Marketing goals are longer-term and span over a long period. It focuses on the brand itself and how to match the brand value to the customer’s own value. Marketing focuses on creating public awareness of your brand. It is probably the most important thing for any company as customers are less interested to buy products from companies they’ve never heard about.


When it comes to sales strategies, they rely more on connecting with potential customers. They get personal with them and build a long-lasting relationship. Depending on how adept the salesperson is, they can book a meeting or maybe acquire a sale on the first interaction.

Or they might need to do regular follow-ups. Keeping in touch helps the prospect or lead remember that you exist. And it also helps build trust.


Sometimes, the product or service you are selling might not be something they need at that moment. But keeping in touch will help you come into the conversation when the customer needs it or feels like they need it. Here is a cool article you can check out for some techniques you can use to increase sales.


Marketing on the other hand deals with a more holistic strategy. It involves undertaking steps that will give you the best ROI. You want to promote and market your business in mediums where it gives you the most credibility.

Smart Circle International helps your company accomplish both face-to-face marketing and sales.

Sales And Marketing Need to Work Together

One thing I do not want you to take away from this is the idea that sales and marketing compete against each other.  A successful company understands that you cannot be successful without one or the other.


To achieve the company’s ultimate goal, both their marketing and sales strategies need to work in tandem. The first step to achieving this is to define shared goals and set the ideal buyer persona.


Granted, some things like in-person marketing and sales will help bring in more immediate revenue. You cannot, and should not, overlook the big picture. How your brand is perceived and the customer sentiment around your brand is crucial for sustainable business growth and success.


By now you probably understand the importance of the harmonic unification of marketing and sales. A company’s success and reputation rely on both. But it is not easy to achieve that. You can try creating private sectors for both in your company. But that is often unnecessarily expensive.


The most cost-effective solution to that would be to connect with an excellent marketing agency like Smart Circle International. We can provide face to face marketing strategies that are customized for your company and will ensure the highest possible exposure of your brand.


We are also a broker for many prestigious sales companies throughout the country. So, through our recommendation, you will have the opportunity to work with the best sales firms who can promote your products and services with the highest possible efficiency.  Smart Circle is a one-stop solution to all of the marketing and sales-related needs for your company.

There you have it. By now, you should know what are the differences between sales and marketing. Sales is a more personal, and one-to-one affair and deal with bringing in revenue while also creating a lasting and meaningful relationship.


Marketing, on the other hand, is a technique for creating buzz and raising customer awareness for a company. It puts the brand in focus. Both sales and marketing must collaborate in this era to really impact a company’s bottom line.


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