Leaders Are Dreamers Too!

Inspiring respect

As leaders, our dream is that people hold us in the highest regard and respect us, the way Rob Gronkowski feels about his QB Tom Brady. Not all of us, however, start off as great leaders and as such, don’t inspire the respect we crave. No matter how much we want it, that respect isn’t something we can demand, but something we will earn through our own performance.

Help people become more successful than you

The ESPN interview says so much about Tom Brady’s leadership and intensity, it’s no surprise the QB is so consistent and successful. Of course many people in our lives will tell us, or email us things that remind us of the way Gronk talks about Brady, but how many of those people are as successful as Gronk?

How many examples can we point to that truly prove we are not just leaders of people but of the most successful people? Anyone can lead average people but the dream is to lead people that are more successful than YOU – which is the only way to judge true success.

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