Qualities of Great Leaders

What qualities do great leaders possess?

We all have our own idea of what makes a great leader. It may have been a mentor, someone we looked up to, or someone we learned about in history class. Although our ideas of great leaders may vary, most all leaders possess the same attributes we all admire.


A great leader exudes confidence. They are confident in their beliefs, they are confident in what they present to the public, they are confident in themselves. The masses will not stand behind someone who does not believe in what they do. A great leader constantly demonstrates to their peers and followers that they know what they are talking about, and they are a person worth standing behind.


Although nothing can go perfectly all the time, a great leader does not focus on the negatives. Although criticism and negativity may emerge, a great leader takes those negatives, and creates positives. A great leader also positively reinforces their people. An incentive can go a long way in letting your people know that they are doing a good job.


A great leader is capable of getting others to invest in their vision. They have a specific future planned, and they want the help to get there. A great leader is capable of painting the picture in their mind for others and allowing others to see the opportunity that awaits them. A great leader is able to keep their people motivated and excited, even when there are outside perspectives doubting their process.

Leading by Example

A great leader recognizes that they cannot expect others to do exactly what they want, without showing them first. They will step up, demonstrate what should be done, and even stumble to get the desired outcome. This allows the leader to show their team that they are all working towards the same goals, as well as increases the level of respect they are given.

A leader is someone that others want to follow. People see the opportunity that the leader presents, and they want to be a part of something bigger. Although some may say leadership is something we are born with, it is something that can also be learned. Anyone can take leadership qualities and apply them to become a better leader for their people.

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