The Foundations of Branding

When you set out to start your business you’ll have a number of questions to ask yourself. Why am I starting this business? What do I hope it becomes? What values will it have? The answers to these questions and more will also become elements of your brand. Your brand is far more than just a color scheme and logo. Your brand becomes the thoughts each and every person has about your business when they think of you. So how do you get the rest of the world to think about your brand they way you want them to?

Know Who You Are
Branding starts with knowing what kind of company you are and what kind of people you’re trying to reach. Are you the high-end flashy option, or the cost-effective reliable one. Are you new, edgy and stylish, or straight-shooting, direct and old fashioned? Branding has a huge influence on how you’re perceived. Do it right and you’ll strike a chord with the right people. Knowing who you are is the essential first step in successful branding.

Define a Voice and Message
When people think about your company and brand, what’s the one thing you want them to take away? The voice of your brand comes out in the way you reach your audience so be mindful about what mediums you use to educate the world about your product. Consider what social platforms you share information through, what types of things will you post and share, and even how often you will provide updates on new and upcoming products. Such practices will help define your company’s voice. Your central message should align with your company’s mission statement and it will be what the rest of your brand centers around.

Build the Brand
Once you know who you are and what your key message is, it’s time to start building your brand. One of the biggest elements of your brand will be your logo. Inc. has a great article on logo design. Make sure your logo is on everything. Your branding should be on everything you do. It should be on your advertisements, on your website, on your vehicles and even your email signature. Consider things like color schemes that you would like to use for both print and online advertisements.

Building a brand isn’t easy. It requires you to have in depth knowledge about your company, and a strong understanding of who your clients are. Once you have these things though, you’ll be able to grow your business and find new customers.

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