Thank You from Smart Circle,Celebrating Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is an essential time for us in the U.S. It is a time to reflect on all that we have and a time to say, “thank you from Smart Circle”.

For mentors, friends, business associates, clients, and partners, Smart Circle has a lot to be thankful for! This year has been another great year! Especially, in our corporate offices in both Dallas and Newport Beach. During November, both offices took time out of their daily tasks, to sit down together and give thanks, and of course, celebrate with great food!

It is such an excellent time for employees to bond over delicious food and our Smart Circle family surrounding them

The Thanksgiving Feasts were not the only thing that Smart Circle is thankful for this year, the Sales Network of Independent Corporate Distributors have yet again had a fantastic year inside our retail partners, and canvassing campaigns.. None of this would be possible without our clients and retail partners. 

Larry Tenebaum captured the spirit of Thanksgiving when he offered heartfelt thanks. 

“It’s through teamwork that the company has come as far as it has, and it’s through continued teamwork that we’ll have even more to be thankful for in the coming years!”

Please take a moment to watch our brief message of gratitude to our clients, our sales network (powered by local independent business owners), and the consumers we have been able to serve for almost 40 years!

Thank you from Smart Circle. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your communities.

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