Knocking Out Leads: Door-to-Door Canvassing

No matter how much things change in the world, no matter how automated things get, how tech savvy we become, how much our daily interactions take place mostly between screens, nothing reaches us faster or more directly than the voice, the smile, the presence of another human being. Door-To-Door canvassing combines all of these elements while going direct to the consumer.

Door to Door Canvassing for lead generation

An ad flashing on the side of a computer screen, or on a billboard or calling through your radio or TV can certainly create brand recognition, interest and excitement about a product on a large scale, but other sales efforts need to be conducted on a much smaller scale. Like lead generation. Lead generation can be done through emails or over the phone, but the most successful lead generation efforts are still going to happen in person.

An article from covers the techniques of canvassing.

Aaron O’Hanlon says:

“As all things are cyclical, canvassing has become a viable option for obtaining leads again. Now that most people have become dependent on their technology, things like social media and texting have widened the gulf between physical and social interactions. A smiling face and warm, real-life conversation is a welcome change. People are now once again receptive to this type of exchange.”

Done wrong, canvassing will, as it always has, lead to a lot of doors slammed in the canvasser’s face. Done right, armed with unassailable product knowledge, strong tangible benefits for the consumer and an unbeatable attitude, canvassing can be a yes, yes, yes opportunity.

Fortune 500 companies recognize the value of generating leads through door to door canvassing and that’s why they’ve enlisted the experts at Smart Circle to help them.  Done right, a knock on the door can lead to customers who are interested and excited, not to mention appreciative of the opportunity to hear about offers that can improve some aspect of their lives. These people are inviting canvassers into their homes and thanking them!

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