The 2016 Orange County Brain Tumor Walk

On September 17, 2016 the Orange County Brain Tumor Walk was held at Angel’s Stadium and Smart Circle had a small team there to represent its commitment to supporting survivors of of brain tumors and those afflicted by this disease. Each year hundreds of people gather at Angel’s stadium to walk in solidarity against this disease. This year the Orange County Brain Tumor Walk raised a grand total of $148,000 which is a phenomenal amount!

Smart Circle at Angel Stadiumangels stadium - smart circle OCBTW









Just like last year, the place was buzzing with excitement as people showed their support. Although many people at the Orange County Brain Tumor Walk have lost loved ones to this disease, participants take on a happy and positive attitude and choose to celebrate their loved one’s lives. It is this lively, party like attitude that makes this event stand out so much to participants. Around every corner there are people cheering on the walkers (and runners if thats what you want to do). With bands playing live music, cheer leader squads dancing and chanting, it is hard not to have fun at this event. I personally found myself high fiving random people around me! Everyone is so happy to be there and it really feels like the stadium itself is over flowing with love and support.

When you do the walk you actually end up doing 2 laps totaling in a 5k around the grounds. Starting at the front gates of the stadium you cross the parking lot and head onto the second level of the stadium. Once you walk the perimeter of the stadium on the inside you head out the back gates and do a loop under the Angel’s A which stands at 230 feet tall. Then you head back into the stadium through the players tunnel and actually walk on the dirt! After this you come out the other side of the stadium and are back where you started.

If you are interested in learning more about the OCBTW you can visit their official website and learn about other upcoming events in the local area as well as brain tumor walks being held across the nation all sponsored by the National Brain Tumor Society.