The Best Business Advice I Received From My Mother.

Mothers are our foundational influences. They helped us form our worldview, our perceptions of right and wrong, and how we conduct ourselves personally and professionally.  They are responsible for providing the best business advice and creating the foundation of great business people through out history. Whether your mothers were entrepreneurs or not, their words, actions and instructions had a direct influence on the business leaders; we would become.

We asked our Smart Circle employees to submit the best business advice their mom had given them, today we are celebrating these women and their advice. 

Take responsibility for yourself.

Ivana Kelly

Mother and daughter business advice

There are numerous lessons I have learned from my mother, such as: “You better stop crying, or we will discuss all the things that are worth crying over”, my take away from this was, to be realistic and put life into perspective and know which battles are worth fighting. She also told me, “if you tell on your bother, you will experience the repercussion right along with him.” My understanding of this was life is too short for blame.

The most important business advice that my mother taught me is that nothing is as bad as it seems at the moment. Take responsibility for yourself and do not waste precious time procrastinating. 

Call everyone by their name

Traci Marshall

Mothers and daughters and the business advice given

I would have to say, one of the most important concepts I learned from my mother was to call everyone by their name. Think about it, don’t you always perk up when someone calls you by name? It’s an almost instant familiarity and sets you apart from everyone else. It makes you feel recognized.

Never too busy to help

Stacie Oates

A business lesson my mom taught me was – you are never too busy to help someone. This lesson reminds me to be willing to provide support and encouragement to my colleagues.

She also always reminded me to treat others with respect and dignity. Professionally I follow this advice by being more relatable and approachable to all colleagues.

Do more of your fair share rather than less.

Camila Kucharczuk

My mother has taught me so much, and just about any of those lessons can be applied to business, although I believe that she was simply teaching me life skills.

A mother's business advice to her daughter.

The one that resonates the most with me is her saying, “It’s always better to do more than your share rather than less.” I’ve always applied that in both my personal and business life. Doing more has always brought me a sense of satisfaction and that personal satisfaction continually drives me to do more. 

 Her other tip, which may have come from being a stay at home mom for the first 20 years of her marriage was, “Always have your own money.” As long as you have your own money, you can make your own decisions.

 It was essential to her that her two daughters (we also had five brothers) be independent and strong. Her emphasis was not on us getting married and having children, but first getting an education and having a career, growing up in the ’60s that was very forward-thinking. 

 I guess she accomplished that goal since she now refers to her children as, “The two lionesses and five kittens.” 

Thank you

For pushing us, for instructing us, for loving us without bounds, beloved mothers – Thank You!

We sat down with our Smart Circle employees and asked them for the best business advice they received from their mothers, we invite you to see the Best Business Advice From Our Mothers, click the image below.

The best business advice from my mother video.

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