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What Products and Services for Outsourced Sales Solutions?

Outsourced sales can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. It has the power to increase exposure, visibility, appeal, sales conversions, and customer acquisition. Yet many business owners may hesitate to reach out to brokers simply because they are unsure if their products could benefit from outsourced sales solutions. At Smart Circle, our accomplished team can accommodate a wide array of products and services. Explore some of the most common types of products and services and when to outsource sales below!

Types of Products or Services

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1. Products & Services for Retail Customers

Retail products and services cater to everyday consumers. Businesses may hope larger retail stores carry their products, or they may sell directly to consumers. However, many struggle to find and reach an audience effectively with marketing; they may fail to create leads, make sales, or convert customers. New products and services constantly bombard consumers in a heavily saturated retail industry, so it may take hard work to stand out and gain traction in this context. Outsourced sales teams have advanced resources to identify the right niche, appeal to customer interests, and introduce the customer to a unique brand experience all within a retail setting where consumers are already in a buying mindset.

2. Products & Services for Corporate Clients

Corporate products and services are tailored to corporations and their employees, typically focusing on business needs and objectives. Yet, it can be difficult to gain recognition from enterprises; likewise, to present products & services in front of executives or their workforce. Outsourced sales brokers may have an insider advantage with large corporations, executing powerful on-site campaigns and promotional events.

3. Products & Services for Businesses

Business-to-business (B2B) products and services are created specifically for business use. Often, they are among the most challenging sales to navigate, as many people and departments make the final decision. Additionally, it can be hard to pull back one-time or lapsed business clients. Since these situations are common with B2B, they may consider outsourced sales solutions. Knowledgeable and experienced teams can perform product or service demonstrations for these audiences. They help speed up decision-making, convert new customers, or reactivate past relationships.


When To Outsource Sales

Outsourced sales brokers can help businesses and brands in various situations; many products or services confront challenges. Whether your product fails to reach the right audience, or your business is launching a product in a new market, outsourced sales offer targeted solutions. Learn more about when to outsource sales below:

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My Product or Service…

Isn’t Reaching the Right Audience

Effective marketing and sales require identifying, finding, and directly reaching the target audience. Many businesses have some idea of their ideal customer. Still, conducting consumer research and developing corresponding sales strategies is essential. Outsourced sales brokers complete extensive research into the group; they have the resources to collect and retrieve data and the expertise to analyze and pull critical insights from it. Then, they utilize dedicated channels and customized campaigns to reach these specific consumers.

Isn’t Receiving Attention

A product or service that isn’t receiving attention results in little to no sales or customer acquisition. Businesses should consider outsourced sales solutions to create successful campaigns. In particular, face-to-face marketing and in-person sales are among the best methods for improving appeal. Sales professionals carry out personalized campaigns based on the consumer group, buying behavior, and situation. Additionally, they set up eye-catching displays, provide product or service demonstrations, and offer free samples or trials. In this way, businesses can call attention to their products and services in a unique and exciting way.

How Do Brand Ambassadors Increase Reach?

Isn’t Generating Buzz

Generating buzz or maximizing word-of-mouth marketing potential is an excellent way to create high interest. If people are talking about a product or service, the brand is more likely to see an influx of sales and customers. Outsourced sales brokers excel in this category, as they understand where, when, and how to create an exciting event. In particular, they focus on engaging with the customer, making the experience memorable, and highlighting the product’s or service’s benefits. As a result, consumers are more likely to post on social media, tell their friends or family, or recommend the product or service to others.

Has a High Number of Competitors

A product or service with many competitors may have trouble breaking into the market, as consumers rely on trusted or familiar brands. Fortunately, outsourced sales brokers understand that each business has an edge or something that makes them different; they capitalize on this aspect in their strategies. Likewise, they can approach target customers in a memorable way. If businesses choose a broker that specializes in a particular form of sales, such as in-person sales, they can benefit from personalized conversations. In these ways, outsourced sales solutions ensure a product or service stands out from the crowd in an appealing way.

Is Entering a New Market or Industry

When a business is launching a product in a new market, it must make strategic moves to ensure its success. After all, niches and their consumers are already well-acquainted with established brands, products, and services. Since this is the case, relying on an outsourced sales broker with specialized market or industry knowledge is advantageous. They already have the necessary resources, networks, and teams to ensure your brand makes it off the ground and gains traction.

Is Expanding Markets

Suppose a business wants to take its local products or services to the next level: national or international. Or, perhaps they want to expand production. These are prime examples of when to outsource sales; brokers maintain widespread channels and teams to drive large-scale appeal and sales. If consumer buying behavior is different in various areas, they may even develop customized campaigns and use multiple delivery channels to support sales goals.

Is New & Rolling Out

New products and services should always start off with a bang. While businesses may have in-house services to deal with traditional advertising or sales, using outsourced sales solutions for product launches or service roll-outs is an excellent idea. Marketing professionals can develop events, in-store set-ups, and product demonstrations to increase awareness, generate leads, and make sales from day one.

Take Advantage of Outsourced Sales for Your Product or Service


You may benefit from outsourced sales solutions if you find your product or service in any of these situations. Smart Circle has been an industry leader for over forty years, helping businesses reach their goals through face-to-face marketing and in-person sales campaigns. Contact us today to see how we can help you!