Marketing Strategy: Social Media vs. In-Person Marketing

When developing a marketing plan for your business, navigating all the different ways to achieve a successful marketing campaign can be challenging. However, if you get your marketing strategy right. Then, you can reach and appeal to your target audience, cater to specific consumer needs, communicate your value to your customers effectively, improve sales numbers, and achieve a competitive edge over like-companies.

The two most popular marketing strategies are social media marketing and in-person marketing. Social media marketing involves using social media platforms and networks to reach and engage customers. In-person marketing involves speaking with a customer face-to-face, appealing to them directly and personally with relevant information. Whereas social media marketing may have gained momentum in the past decade, it still has nowhere near the same amount of marketing success or potential to increase sales on its own as in-person marketing. This article will detail why that is the case and why in-person marketing may be the best solution for your business.

Create Brand Relationships

The most significant advantage to in-person marketing is establishing a brand relationship with your customer. When a brand ambassador meets in-person with a customer and has an organic conversation, the customer can connect with your company and your products on a personal and meaningful level. On the first hand, sales professionals can compile and analyze a great wealth of data concerning their target audience, including demographics, retail purchases, pain points and objections. In this manner, it is entirely possible for the salesperson to already have a solid vision of your target audience and tailor their pitch to meet your ideal customer’s needs, preferences, interests, challenges, and perspectives. On the other hand, since the conversation occurs in real-time, the salesperson will have the ability to respond to any unique ideas, opinions, concerns, or questions within moments. As a result, the customer does not have time to disengage or dismiss your product upfront; they immediately have the necessary information to consider the product and establish its significance in their life.

In these ways, in-person marketing holds a power that social media cannot provide to customers. Social media campaigns can only appeal to customers who have a specific platform, rather than the average consumer who will be out shopping and actively considering products similar to the one you are offering. Furthermore, social media is incredibly targeted in the way algorithms work. Since this is the case, you may not reach your target audience even if they use the specific platform. Moreover, you certainly will not capture their attention unless you constantly monitor your pages, comments, and messages. Furthermore, developing regular images and videos that appeal to customers is challenging on its own, but they also must draw them in and genuinely engage them. It requires constant dedication, and even then, it is difficult to hit the mark from behind a screen.

Provide Real-Time Problem Solutions

A unique aspect of in-person marketing is that the salesperson can appeal directly to the individual’s emotions rather than attempting to capture the feelings of a large target audience. When businesses take advantage of in-person marketing, the customer will share their challenges, struggles, or concerns. The sales professional can draw from their knowledge of the product and your company and analyze the relevant data. Additionally, the salesperson can ask them about their needs, goals, or objectives and discuss how the product assists or fulfills those needs. Furthermore, if customers have heard any potentially damaging reviews or feedback, the salesperson can contend with that head-on.

Whereas social media markets can perform some online-based assessments and retrieve customer data that way, their marketing strategy must be broad to appeal to their whole customer base. Since this is the case, social media marketing can focus on wide-ranging problems and address them. Yet, that strategy may not appeal to the customer viewing their content, and it may cause the customer to disengage as that isn’t their problem. What’s more, any negative feedback or comments on social media posts can immediately cause an online-based customer to turn away or unfollow. On the other hand in-person marketing allows marketers to address specific customers and their problems. Moreover, because the solutions are occurring in real-time, the business has the opportunity to make an immediate impression upon the customer.

Offer Product Demonstrations

When your company is promoting a specific product with particular functions, it is essential to reach the customers that those functions will positively impact and reach those customers who do not understand how those functions can positively impact their lives With this in mind, it becomes clear how in-person marketing can accomplish something valuable that other forms of marketing cannot achieve: a real-time product demonstration. While a salesperson is speaking with a customer, they can provide an in-person demonstration of how the product works, explain its functions, show off its capabilities, and address any questions the customer may have right away. Furthermore, if the customer dismisses the product right off the bat assuming they do not need the product, the salesperson has the unique chance to show them right away why they need it immediately.

With social media marketing, it is possible to provide aesthetic images, text stories, or videos of the product in action. However, there are many pitfalls you may not reach a large portion of your target audience, and you may lose engagement by not responding to customers promptly. Furthermore, customers who believe they have no use for the product will skip over the posts or videos; there is no opportunity to pull them back into your product again.

Wrapping Up

In-person marketing has direct advantages over social media marketing for businesses and companies. 

While social media marketing is aesthetically pleasing and a way to reach select audiences, its appealing effects are incredibly limited to a small number of people. Additionally, it has a severely restricted ability to attract individual clients who need products that fix problems, assist with concerns, help them achieve goals, or appeal to their interests. At Smart Circle, we understand that you wish to have the best marketing strategy, attract new customers, keep loyal clientele, and create long-lasting brand relationships. Our in-person marketing approach can accomplish all that and more for your business.


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